The History of the Plaza

cityfile · 12/08/08 12:54PM

Much has been written about the Plaza in recent weeks: Several people who purchased condos in the newly-renovated landmark have since sued the Plaza's owner, El-Ad, over various imperfections and unmet promises. Then there's the ill-timed "luxury mall" which recently opened in the building's basement, which features a store that sells cell phones for $310,000. If you've been having trouble keeping track of all the goings-on at the fabled building, here's a brief list of the Plaza's most notable moments from its debut in 1907 up to the present day.

The Man Steve, Steve and Steve Turn To

cityfile · 08/06/08 07:58AM

The Observer sits down with attorney Jonathan Mechanic, widely considered to be one of the city's best-connected real estate attorneys. His clients? How about Jerry Speyer, Steve Roth, Stephen Green, Mike Bloomberg, Bruce Ratner, Doug Durst, Mort Zuckerman, Harry Macklowe, Miki Naftali, William Zeckendorf, Gary Barnett, Bill Rudin, Donald Trump, Kent Swig, Joe Moinian, and Larry Silverstein. We're exhausted just reading that list. [NYO]