The A-List: Gay Housewives Don't Fight Fair

Brian Moylan · 11/16/10 12:37PM

The men on Logo's gay housewives show The A-List finally came to blows, and it wasn't the blows we were expecting. There was actual 'mo-on-'mo violence and we all had a ringside seat.

The A-List: Gay Housewives Are Good in Bed

Brian Moylan · 10/19/10 11:51AM

Just like with troubled school children, the problems of gay housewives start at home. Not only are there design disasters and petty arguments, but secret boyfriends and lies about size. Let's peer into their scary world.

Introducing the Cast of the 'Gay Housewives of New York'

Brian Moylan · 06/02/10 09:44AM

We got wind of the cast of Logo's new "gay housewives" show. And it's filled with just the fame-hungry, attractive, horrible people you could have imagined. They're all models! This is going to be a fantastic mess.