Mike Arrington Punches Back; Julia Allison Says Other Ex Was Abused

Adrian Chen · 04/12/13 11:36AM

After keeping relatively quiet for the past two weeks, TechCrunch founder and Silicon Valley kingmaker Mike Arrington issued an exhaustive rebuttal on his blog yesterday to his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen's public claims that he raped and physically abused her. Arrington's pushback against Allen comes as Gawker has uncovered more detail on allegations that he assaulted another ex-girlfriend, Meghan Asha—including corroboration from Asha's friend and former partner, Julia Allison.

Arrington Responds to Abuse Claims: 'Completely Untrue'

Adrian Chen · 04/08/13 10:34AM

TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington has strongly denied a host of recent public allegations from an ex-girlfriend, former colleagues, and former friends that he has a history of violent behavior toward women. The string of claims began late last month with a Facebook post leveled by his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Allen, who wrote that Arrington had assaulted and threatened to kill her. Gawker followed up last week with a story reporting on claims from a former co-worker that Arrington was investigated by a former employer for assaulting a female colleague, as well as claims from that he threw an ex-girlfriend into a wall.

A Tech Kingpin's Dumb Race Rampage

Ryan Tate · 10/31/11 04:56PM

Combine the insular clubbiness of white shoe Wall Street with the deluded sanctimony of nouveau riche California, and you've got Silicon Valley. And if you want a walking talking textbook case of Silicon Valley arrogance on matters of inequality and social justice, look no further than tech kingpin Mike Arrington's dumb recent statements about race.

Arianna Huffington Rival: 'Shut Up and Go Back To Your Room'

Ryan Tate · 09/15/11 03:15PM

Leave it to seasoned mogul Barry Diller to have the smartest take on the cashiering of TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington: AOL "destroyed" TechCrunch's voice, the IAC chairman said, and editorial director Arianna Huffington should have been told to "shut up and go back to your room" when she raised concerns about Arrington's ethics.

TechCrunch's Founder Has Been Ejected

Ryan Tate · 09/12/11 11:51AM

After a protracted back and forth over his fate, editor Mike Arrington is truly finished at TechCrunch, the influential website he started in 2005 and sold to AOL almost exactly one year ago. AOL says Arrington "decided to move on" to running his venture capital fund, relinquishing any role at TechCrunch or AOL.

Defiant TechCrunch Post Killed In AOL War

Ryan Tate · 09/08/11 04:21PM

Has the AOL civil war descended into a sad, juvenile battle for WordPress admin privileges? An angry blog post was mysteriously deleted from the company's hotly contested TechCrunch blog, leaving "Page Not Found" at the top of its list of most popular posts.

Arianna Huffington's Hypocritical Ploy To Decapitate TechCrunch

Ryan Tate · 09/06/11 02:53PM

A Byzantine drama unfolded this weekend over whether Mike Arrington will be fired from TechCrunch, the tech blog he started. He's already been ousted as editor, supposedly because he's starting an investment fund, and that's a huge conflict of interest. But the ethical concerns are bullshit. This is a power play by Arianna Huffington, plain and simple.

Big Tech Blog Says It Has Big Conflicts

Ryan Tate · 04/27/11 08:29PM

TechCrunch's editor has a mounting conflict of interest problem, a problem that will inevitably alter the tech blog's coverage. But don't take our word for it—that's what TechCrunch says.

Copycat Your Way To Riches (Friends Be Damned)

Ryan Tate · 10/05/10 03:30PM

If you want to know how to get rich in tech on the strength of other people's ideas, look no further than Jason Calacanis, the web entrepreneur taking the not-so-delicate art of copycatting to its logical, but increasingly bitter, extreme.

TechCrunch Sold to AOL

Ryan Tate · 09/28/10 12:04PM

Mike Arrington just confirmed the rumors: He's selling his five-year-old blog company TechCrunch to AOL. And he's sticking around for at least three years to keep running the site.

Yahoo's CEO Tells Journalist to 'F—- Off'

Ryan Tate · 05/24/10 03:38PM

Here's a clip of Carol Bartz speaking more bluntly than the potty-mouthed Yahoo CEO has ever spoken in public before. She tells TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington to "fuck off," and that's not the start of it.