Once again, Vanity Fair leaves geeks at the kids' power table

Owen Thomas · 09/03/08 03:00PM

Preeminent among the magazine world's kingmaking power lists is Vanity Fair's New Establishment, which appears in the October issue — on newsstands in L.A. and New York today, but not in the Bay Area for another six days. Silicon Valley gets similar short shrift: The names who make it there are predictable bigs like Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison, or Hollywood-crossover types like Jeff Skoll, eBay's first employee turned movie producer. Walt Mossberg, now employed by New Establishment perennial Rupert Murdoch, also squeaked in. The consolation prize Vanity Fair offers: Its "Next Establishment" list, reserved for the likes of Twitter's Ev Williams. It's a marvelous piece of New York media trickery — flatter the geeks by making them feel included, but corral them into a side room so the real power brokers aren't offended by comparison. True, the "Next Establishment" suggests that these are people who might matter in the future. But in saying that, Vanity Fair's editors are also sending the message that right here, right now, its "Next" nominees are nobodies. On this year's list:

Salmi to MTV, Spiers to Supper Table

abalk2 · 11/01/06 03:00PM

On October 27, Dealbreaker.com moved on the rumor that "the new head of MTV [Ed.—as in the channel] will be Mika Salmi, who is currently the CEO of Atom Entertainment (a recent MTV acquisition)." So confident were they that 'breaker-in-Chief Elizabeth Spiers promised, if the rumor proved false, to eat her blog. Well, the following memo just came over the transom:

Mika Salmi to Head MTV?

Chris Mohney · 10/27/06 04:30PM

DealBreaker mongers the rumor that the new head of MTV will be the Teutonically envisaged Mika Salmi, to be announced Monday. Salmi comes to MTV by way of his company AtomFilms, which was recently acquired by MTV. He has considerable music-industry experience as well, and is apparently a big Nine Inch Nails fan.