Apple Pulls Ad Agency's Fake Refugee Boat-Spotting App That Doesn't Actually Spot Refugee Boats

Peter Yeh · 06/20/16 03:30PM

“I Sea” billed itself as an app that would “empower the billions of us with smart devices” to do something about the thousands of migrants that have already drowned in the Mediterranean. For the last few days, Mashable, Reuters, Wired and others chirpily blogged about it, and why not? It sounded so impressive! Wouldn’t you want to “spend your lunch break searching for migrants who might be in need of help”? The app’s slick promo video promised to use “the power of crowdsourcing to help monitor the vast sea, and make the impossible possible.” Sorry, but “I See” did not make the impossible possible, because vile PR stunts rarely do.

Europe to Migrants: We're Full 

Hamilton Nolan · 03/03/16 09:48AM

Europe is currently struggling to manage its biggest wave of refugees since WWII. Today, a top official tells economic migrants: do not fucking come here.

Hundreds Feared Drowned Off the Italian Coast

Gabrielle Bluestone · 02/11/15 10:00PM

Authorities believe an estimated 300 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean in dinghies were "swallowed by the waves" leaving only a handful of survivors off the Italian coast.