Woody Allen to Finally Become Successful Director

Richard Lawson · 06/23/11 12:20PM

75-year-old up and comer Woody Allen has a hit movie right now with Midnight in Paris, a summer counter-programming sleeper success that is on its way to becoming his most successful movie ever.

Your New Steven Spielberg Has Almost Arrived

Richard Lawson · 06/13/11 10:30AM

With the modest success of his latest, Spielbergiest movie, J.J. Abrams is close to ascendancy. The same cannot necessarily be said for the new X-Men, but inexplicably can about The Hangover Part II.

Everyone Skips Mutant Summer School

Richard Lawson · 06/06/11 10:16AM

Though it initially looks like X-Men: First Class isn't as big of a hit as it could/needs to be, things might be OK. Meanwhile, things are definitely OK for funny ladies and funny old men.

Hugh Grant Almost Replaced Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men

Richard Lawson · 05/11/11 04:30PM

America's one-time favorite British person almost joined the cast of America's one-time favorite sitcom. A match made in sad heaven! Also today: news from Cannes, a bloody upfront scares us all, and of course Hunger Games casting news.

Midnight in Paris: Americans, a Broad

Richard Lawson · 03/28/11 01:35PM

Here's a trailer for Woody Allen's latest European romp, Midnight in Paris, a comedy about Owen Wilson staggering through the streets of the world's prettiest city while feeling jealous about his wife, Rachel McAdams. You see, his wife is, in typical Allenian (Allenic?) fashion, infatuated with a worldly intellectual, played by Michael Sheen (McAdams' real-life beau). What is one to do?