Wall Streeters in Big Trouble Over Little People

Sheila · 03/06/08 06:17PM

Mutual fund firm Fidelity Investments has to pay $3.75 million in fines because 13 of its brokers accepted many expensive presents from clients, reports the NYT. Things like free concert and Superbowl tickets and a wild 2003 bachelor party, paid for by clients, that featured a superstar dwarf that people eventually tossed! (He was consenting; must be an unapologetically mercenary son of a bitch!) It's true, little people are all the rage these days! They're the new strippers: paid to perform vaguely humiliating stunts as the the latest makes-you-feel-superior accessory for your bachelor's, office, or holiday party! To that end, Here is the City offers a history on "dwarf-tossing."

Only 11 More Drinking Days Until St. Patrick's Day

Douglas Reinhardt · 03/06/08 05:10PM

'Tough' guy, musician and Paris Hilton's fake BF du jour Benji Madden has made a few additions to his entourage or, as he likes to call it, the Party Posse. The reasons are two-fold: one, to make him look him taller and two, to make him look even crazier. After all, would you mess with a man that rolls with short people dressed as if every day is St. Patrick's Day?