11-Year-Old's Alleged Breakup Text: Screw You Joey, Your Not on My Level

Jay Hathaway · 06/30/15 04:30PM

An incoming sixth-grader named Joey is crying into his Starbucks today after his girlfriend caught him cheating on her by going to the park with another girl. She bluntly ended their relationship via perhaps the greatest series of breakup texts ever composed by an 11-year-old.

Chill Middle School Teacher Arrested for Letting Students Smoke Weed

Allie Jones · 12/26/14 11:21AM

Forty-year-old Teasley Middle School teacher Christine Cantrell was arrested with her husband in Atlanta on Tuesday after allegedly letting minors get high in her home. According to cops, her students ratted her out after their parents tipped off the police.

An Eighth-Grade Kim Kardashian Declared Herself "Dope on a Rope"

Jay Hathaway · 10/22/14 03:25PM

"Someone get a tape of this? I hope you do, so you can see this when I'm famous and all of you will remember me as this beautiful little girl," says Kim Kardashian in an eighth-grade graduation video dug up by Entertainment Tonight.

Police Kill Armed Eighth Grader in School Hallway

Max Read · 01/04/12 02:05PM

Police in Brownsville, Texas, shot and killed an eighth grader in the hallway of his middle school today after he displayed a gun and "engaged" with officers. Welcome to 2012, everyone!

Basketball Bully Uploads His Own Punch Video to the Internet

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 02:45PM

"I was at a basketball game tossing in the ball (#34) and #3 hit my eye and I punched him." So says Evan, who recently uploaded this video of him punching an opponent during a youth basketball game gone awry.