How Much Did Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Know About Flint's Poisoned Water?

Jordan Sargent · 01/08/16 03:05PM

The water in Flint, Mich. is poisoned. On Tuesday, many months after its residents rightly suspected its water might be tainted and sickening, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency. On Thursday, Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said the cash-poor city might need to come up with as much $1.5 billion to fix its water system, a sad coda to a crisis that stems from a broken down city looking to save money anywhere it could.

American Hero Hangs Up Her Cape

Jordan Sargent · 12/11/15 03:25PM

Back in October, 46-year-old Tatiana Duva-Rodriguez fired her handgun at two men fleeing a Home Depot in Michigan, hitting a tire in the car they were escaping in. But after being charged herself with reckless use of a firearm and sentenced to 18 months probation she announced that she has chosen to spite America... by never shooting wildly at random people ever again.

State Rep. Planted Gay Sex Scandal to Hide Relationship With Tea Partier

Taylor Berman · 08/07/15 11:03AM

If you’re a conservative state representative having an affair with a colleague, you have a few options. You could fess up, you could keep lying, or, if you’re Michigan State Rep. Todd Courser, you could allegedly try to plant a fake male prostitution story about yourself to deflect attention from your relationship with fellow Tea Party “gladiator” Rep. Cindy Gamrat, news of which you fear is about to break.