Bill O'Reilly: Actually, the Slaves Who Built the White House Had It Pretty Good

Hudson Hongo · 07/26/16 09:40PM

On Tuesday, conservative commentators sprang into actually to “fact check” Michelle Obama’s remark about the White House being built with slave labor, successfully missing the point of her story to note that, hey, lots of non-slaves worked on it too. Bill O’Reilly went one further, however, weirdly stating that the slaves that did work on the White House were “well-fed” with “decent lodgings.”

Here Are the Two Best Moments from the Best Speech of the Night, by Michelle Obama

Hudson Hongo · 07/25/16 10:17PM

On Monday, First Lady Michelle Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to give an emotional endorsement of Hillary Clinton. “Leaders like Hillary Clinton,” said Obama, “who has the guts and the grace to keep coming back and putting those cracks in the highest and hardest glass ceiling, until she finally breaks through, lighting all of us along with her.”

A Blog Post By Me, Ashley Feinberg

Ashley Feinberg · 07/20/16 11:22AM

As you might imagine, for Barack, running for president is nothing compared to that first game of basketball with my brother, Craig.

Melania Trump Apparently Plagiarized a Section of Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Speech

Jordan Sargent · 07/18/16 11:09PM

Tonight at the Republican National Convention, potential first lady Melania Trump delivered the night’s headlining speech in what was her most important moment in the public eye since she married Donald Trump 11 years ago. The speech was praised by hacks on both sides of the aisle (and the middle), though there might unintentionally be a reason for that: As first pointed out by journalist Jarrett Hill, Melania—or more likely her speechwriters—appears to have lifted at least one crucial section of her speech from the one Michelle Obama gave at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Michelle Obama Survives Billy on the Street, Wins Ariana Grande Poster

Taylor Berman · 02/17/15 12:35PM

This episode of Billy on the Street has a lot going for it: Michelle Obama slow dancing with Big Bird, a random woman named Elena, carrots, a poster of Ariana Grande's ponytail, a recitation of Gwyneth Paltrow's 1999 Oscar acceptance speech. It's also very, very funny.

America's Teens Revolt Against Michelle Obama Over Healthy Snacks

Allie Jones · 08/15/14 03:30PM

Summer is ending, and soon America's teens will head back to the new-shoes-on-linoleum-floors hell that is high school. The only thing keeping our weary youth going is FLAMIN' HOT Cheetos®, and now, First Lady Michelle Obama has taken them away. Our nation's school vending machines will have healthy snacks this year.

Fox News Expert Says Michelle Obama Needs to "Drop a Few" Pounds

Allie Jones · 08/13/14 09:47AM

Dr. Keith Ablow, Fox News' resident psychiatry expert, thinks First Lady Michelle Obama can't be practicing what she preaches in terms of healthy eating. On the daytime lady talk show Outnumbered yesterday, he leaned back in his seat, exposed his gut, and proclaimed: "She needs to drop a few."

Joan Rivers: I Stand By My CNN Walkout

Rich Juzwiak · 07/07/14 01:05PM

The Wrap reports that Joan Rivers "insisted her quick exit was not a PR stunt," regarding her storming off during a satellite CNN interview this weekend. But of course it was—she may not have caused a scene for the sole purpose of selling more copies of her 12th book, Diary of a Mad Diva, she may have been authentically pissed in the moment (or as authentically anything as anyone can be with a camera pointed at her) but...did you know that Rivers had a book out before the clip of her admonishing Fredericka Whitfield went viral?

Here Is a Collection of Twitter Trolls Teaching Photoshop to Ann Coulter

Adam Weinstein · 05/12/14 11:20AM

Ann Coulter's bullshit conservative troll game is slipping. In her zeal to land a jab against... Twitter? Michelle Obama? Nigerian schoolgirls?... she opened a door for her detractors, and they jumped through it with a two-leg flying kick of Photoshop fury.

Barack and Michelle Obama Salute Frankie Knuckles in Letter

Rich Juzwiak · 04/22/14 03:38PM

Barack and Michelle Obama have added their voices to the public grieving of Frankie Knuckles, the Chicago house pioneer who died last month at age 59. Knuckles' frequent production partner David Morales shared via Facebook a letter addressed to Knuckles' family and friends that the President and First Lady signed. It acknowledges Knuckles contribution to culture with high praise: "Frankie's work helped open minds and bring people together, blending genres to capture our attention and ignite our imaginations. He was a trailblazer in his field..."

Sarah Hedgecock · 03/24/14 11:20AM

Michelle Obama tries to assimilate into checks out the Terracotta Warriors with her daughters and her mother in Xi'an, China, on Monday. Image via Alexander F. Yuan/AP.

Sarah Hedgecock · 03/21/14 10:58AM

[Michelle Obama plays table tennis at the Beijing Normal School on Friday.Image via Andy Wong/AP.]