Adam Weinstein · 03/05/14 05:19PM

Michele Bachmann herp a derp derp derp derpity herpy derp the Jews herp herp derpy derpaderp Obama. Derp?

Michele Bachmann's Downton Abbey Posh-Porn Family Selfie Is All Wrong

Adam Weinstein · 01/10/14 02:11PM

"America has always been a nation where hard work and creativity pay off, where upward mobility was the aspired goal," Michele Bachmann blogged Wednesday, appealing "to lift more people out of poverty." Fuck that noise. You know where it's at? The servant-owning leisure class of English lords and ladies, bitches!

Michele Bachmann Faces Campaign Ethics Investigation as Former Staffers Lash Out

Taylor Berman · 03/25/13 09:22PM

The Daily Beast broke a fairly damning story Monday morning about Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann. The report reveals that federal investigators working on behalf of the Office of Congressional Ethics are investigating the congresswoman's campaign about potential intentional finance violations. According to former Bachmann staffers questioned by the investigators, the allegations include improper fund transfers and illegal payments made during Bachmann's failed 2012 presidential campaign. One such allegation is that Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson, her Iowa campaign manager, received under the table payment for his support. Her lawyers, of course, are denying any wrongdoing, at least on Bachmann's part.

God is Punishing Michele Bachmann's Campaign Staffers With Empty Pockets Because They Won't Sign Nondisclosure Agreements

Jordan Sargent · 01/10/13 11:40PM

Everything that happens on Earth is the work of God. Hurricanes? God. Earthquakes? God. Michele Bachmann not coming anywhere remotely close to winning the GOP nomination for president? God. Bachmann not paying her campaign staffers because they refuse to sign nondisclosure agreements? I hate it to say it, but that's God's will, y'all. Win some, lose some (to God).

Watch Michele Bachmann Flee From a Person With Disabilities Who Wants To Interview Her

Rich Juzwiak · 10/23/12 01:10PM

The clip above comes from How's Your News: Election 2012, the latest film from this traveling group of people with disabilities who report on various events. We posted about the movie last week, but this scene bears its own examination as it is a literal illustration of the way that people with disabilities are ignored in this country, especially by grandstanding politicians. It's particularly important for showing the resulting frustration: Jeremy Vest (who has Williams Syndrome) actually calls out to Bachmann, "What's your problem?"

Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann Address Same Crowd, Say Predictably Stupid Things

Taylor Berman · 08/26/12 11:20PM

Former pizza slinger and (allegedly) prolific sexual harasser Herman Cain spoke at an event in Tampa tonight. The New York Times described the event as an "an alternate unity rally in a church made up mostly of Tea Party supporters," which sounds both fascinating and horrific. Cain's speech to the "several hundred" - how far you've fallen, Herman – people in attendance was about what you'd expect. The highlights:

John McCain Calls Michele Bachmann's Insane Criticism of Anthony Weiner's Wife “Sinister” and “Ugly”

Taylor Berman · 07/18/12 06:56PM

Michele Bachmann recently issued some typically stupid statements accusing Huma Abedin, Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton and wife to Anthony Weiner, of having ties to the (gasp) Muslim Brotherhood. McCain, who is apparently in one of those moods where he acts honorably instead of cravenly, defended Abedin, whom he described as a "friend" and a "fine and decent American."

Jon Stewart Addresses the Results of the Iowa Caucuses

Matt Toder · 01/04/12 11:39PM

On tonight's Daily Show, Jon Stewart had his chance to address the results of the Iowa Caucuses. He paid special attention to the candidates' speeches, making sure to highlight Marcus Bachmann's doggie sunglasses shopping spree and Ron Paul's obscure reference to a couple of Austrian economists. Stewart also had some choice words for winner Mitt Romney and his public persona which he purchased along with his victory.