Santa Monica Michael's Is No New York Michael's

Jesse · 06/19/06 10:40AM

Half of us was on vacation in Los Angeles last week — oh, that's sweet; we missed you, too — and so you can imagine our excitement when, walking back to the car in Santa Monica, we found ourselves passing the original Michael's.

Media Bubble: Everyone's A Media Critic

abalk2 · 05/16/06 11:16AM

• Fidel Castro calls Forbes "garbage" and said that the magazine "disgusted me." He also had an issue with a specific article. [Sun-Sentinel]
• The broadcast networks are shying away from comedies this year. Analysts have dubbed it "The 'Joey' Effect." [NYP]
• Bloggers are too quick to post information without actually having verified it. Also,Wall Street Journal reporters trade sources pure Peruvian white for information. Or so we've heard; that may not hold up. [WSJ]
• Apparently there's this restaurant in midtown where influential media types go to see and be seen. What was it called again? Marty's? Bob's? It's a guy's first name, that's for sure. [LAT]

'Washington Post' Explains New Trend of 'Power Lunching'

Jesse · 11/16/05 12:34PM

The Washington Post's discovery of Michael's — it's a midtown see-and-be-seen power-lunch spot, apparently — is so boring and late and unoriginal (and cringingly headlined) that there's nearly no need to mention it. Except for this one bit: Finally, there's an explanation of why in God's name the restaurant allows Laurel Touby to skulk around the place with a seating chart and a notebook: