The Real Housewives of D.C. Finale: White Squall

Richard Lawson · 10/08/10 01:11PM

Well, it's finally come to an end. After several terrible months, Bravo's great, great shame has lurched across the finish line and, predictably, nothing was resolved, explained, answered, etc. Everyone just keeps being awful and there is no justice.

The Salahis Blame MS for Everything

nightintern · 09/24/10 05:36PM

Michaele and Moneybags Salahi are smiling like it's their job today, showing America: it matters not how low you go—only how good you look doing it. Michaele knocks out several rumors with one justification... Multiple Sclerosis. Watch inside.

Real Housewives of D.C.: Give Me Shelter

Richard Lawson · 09/17/10 01:03PM

Last night we thought it was the finale, but we were wrong. It was just another episode full of the typical horrors. But vaguely interesting horrors. Good lord, are we starting to like this show?

Real Housewives of D.C.: What the F - - K Is Going On?

Richard Lawson · 09/10/10 12:15PM

Episode Five of this Mid-Atlantic torture chamber descended upon us last night and it was as crazy (or crazier?) as everything that came before it. Accusations were hurled, wigs were worn, and someone went to the hospital.

Real Housewives of D.C.: Grape Me

Richard Lawson · 08/27/10 01:48PM

Last night was episode four of our terrible case study in what happens when everyone's brains turn out the lights and naked, stupid id is allowed to run amok around the Capital region. What a mess.

Real Housewives of D.C.: The Goat Rodeo

Richard Lawson · 08/06/10 12:10PM

Well, that happened. Bravo unrolled its fifth entry in their wildly successful reality franchise and it was, well, something of a death knell, methinks. For the series, for DC, for women in general. It was just plumb awful, wasn't it?