Handicapping Everyone's Comeback

Adrian Chen · 02/02/10 11:13PM

They say spring is the season of rebirth. How come everyone is trying to stage comebacks right now, then? So many high profile turnarounds are in the works: Mel Gibson, Michael Vick, butt rashes and more. Who will succeed?

Two Ex-Models and Two Very Bitter Divorces

cityfile · 10/08/09 06:07AM

• The gloves are off in the divorce between ex-model Stephanie Seymour and mogul Peter Brant. He claims she blows through $257,000 a month (including $50K a month on clothing alone); has been stealing and/or smashing some of his "pricey art objects"; has a history of abusing drugs; and has been bringing her boyfriend to the house. Team Seymour has yet to respond with its side of the story, but you can be sure it's going to be equally salacious. [P6]
• In other news of warring exes, Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook are back at it. Cook's lawyer says Brinkley violated the couple's divorce settlement and should go to jail because of it. Brinkley's team says it was Cook who is at fault and he should be put in jail. At least they agree on one thing! [NYP]
• Madonna supposedly has real estate brokers hunting for an apartment for Jesus Luz, since she's not ready to have him move in with her. Meanwhile, ex-husband Guy Ritchie has finally gotten around to responding to Madonna's comments that he's "emotionally retarded." In an interview with Esquire, Ritchie responded, "I still love her. But she's retarded, too." [Sun, Esquire]
• Did you know that Dina Lohan has a "celebrity" shoe line called Shoe-Han? She does! And it will be unveiled today at Trump Plaza. Exciting! [P6, People]

BET, Stop Rewarding Michael Vick's Behavior

Andrew Belonsky · 10/07/09 11:04PM

Michael Vick signed an eight episode deal with BET, which will air a biographical show about the the football player who enjoys making dogs fight. But it's not a reality show. It's an autobiographical attempt to revamp Vick's image. [MSNBC]

Obama Cub Reporter to MSNBC's Michael Vick Shaming: 'Um, No.'

Foster Kamer · 08/22/09 01:30PM

Remember Damon Weaver? The young envy of D.C.'s press, who's now Barack Obama's homeboy, was interviewed by MSNBC. They learn that he'd rather be on CNN, and how he wants to interview Michael Vick. They then shame him! His response?

Michael Vick Speaks: 'I Cried So Many Nights'

The Cajun Boy · 08/16/09 09:08PM

Tonight 60 Minutes aired its much-anticipated Michael Vick interview, conducted by James Brown of CBS Sports, the first time Vick has spoken publicly about his crimes since being sent to prison for running a brutal dog-fighting ring.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 06/26/09 06:00AM

Derek Jeter turns 35 today. Filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson is turning 39. Patty Smyth is 52. Jason Schwartzman is turning 29. Music impresario Irv Gotti is 39. So is former music exec-turned-marketing honcho Steve Stoute. Joanna Molloy of the Daily News is 54. Art director George Lois is turning 78. Actor Sean Hayes is 39. Guitarist Mick Jones is turning 54. Chris Isaak turns 53. Chris O'Donnell is turning 39. Former Jets quarterback Chad Pennington is 33. And scandal-plagued quarterback Michael Vick turns 29 today. Weekend birthdays below.

No Payday For Paris

cityfile · 05/20/09 06:25AM

• Paris Hilton's reps have been asking event planners in Cannes for $100,000 appearance fees. Sadly, Paris isn't having much luck getting them to go along since, well, "it's not 2002." [P6]
Sarah Jessica Parker says she's worried about the health of the surrogate mom carrying her twins, since tabloid reporters have been harassing the poor girl and trying to hack into her computer. [People, LAT]
• A documentary about Amy Winehouse is reportedly in the works. Should be entertaining! [People]
• Katie Holmes showed up with Suri at last night's American Idol finale. This is good news since it means Tom finally let her out of the house. [Us]

Reality TV for the Disgraced, Heidi Pregnant Again?

cityfile · 04/15/09 06:00AM

• Is Heidi Klum pregnant with her fourth kid? That appears to be the case, since sketches of a gown she's planning to wear in a future Project Runway episode have made "room for a bump." [MSNBC]
• Are you a disgraced sports star or politician? Congrats: You're getting a reality TV show! Rod Blagojevich has signed on to appear in NBC's I'm a Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here, assuming a judge lets him go to Costa Rica for the taping. Meanwhile, Michael Vick is reportedly in talks to create a reality show of his own, one that will document his attempts to "make amends for his past." Your turn, Spitzer! [THR, NYP, THR]
• Looks like Barbara Bush and boyfriend Jay Blount won't be tying the knot in Kennebunkport this summer after all. And here we were hoping for both a Bush and Clinton family wedding the same month. [People]
• Dina Lohan was spotted dropping Lindsay off outside a club in LA on Monday night. Because, clearly, that's what good mothers do. [OK!, TMZ]
• That big Michael Jackson memorabilia auction? It ain't happening. [Reuters]

Ann Curry Can't Stand It When You Cry

Choire · 08/30/07 11:40AM

On the "Today Show,", T.V. hostessess Ann Curry was forced to revisit a girl who had hiccups for like five weeks, because it is August and apparently there is nothing to put on the T.V. about Iraq or bridges falling down or quarterbacks named Michael Vick who kill puppies. But the best part is when the girl starts crying and Ann Curry clearly wants to die or cut her own face off to get away from the horrid display.

Getting Hoaxed

Choire · 08/30/07 08:20AM

Blogger Matthew Baldwin is sick and tired of the media misusing the word "hoax." A few days back, MSNBC Googled up a parody blog and included its fake quotes from Al Sharpton in their story on dog-killing former NFL quarterback Michael Vick. (Like Al Sharpton would have been so hard for the reporter to get on the phone—the trouble is getting Al Sharpton not on the phone! It's like phones come with Al Sharpton in them!) And so they ran a correction and said "MSNBC.com has determined that the blog is a hoax." Actually, no. No it's not!

Kevin Federline Ratted Britney Out To The Authorities?

Emily Gould · 08/28/07 08:00AM
  • The language in the complaint to the Department of Children and Family Services about Britney Spears' mistreatment of her kids, which included "allegations of poor dental hygiene, as well as poor eating and sleeping habits," also showed up in a legal brief K-Fed's lawyer filed today. Huh. [TMZ]

Michael Vick Case Causing Dissension Among Fake Black People

abalk · 08/24/07 08:20AM

"The case against Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has exposed a split within both the NAACP and the larger African-American community, as some activists condemn Vick's role in the deaths of fighting dogs and others cast him as a victim of a racist justice system," an MSNBC article revealed yesterday. Who are some of the dog-murdering quarterback's defenders? Well, you'd expect Al Sharpton to step up, right?

Michael Vick Should Have Killed Him Some Babies

abalk · 08/21/07 10:30AM

As you've probably seen by now, if you are not a gay dude, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick is expected to plead guilty to federal dogfighting charges next week. The deal will probably have him serve at least a year in prison, and will almost certainly end his professional football career, unless the Raiders need a quarterback when he gets out of prison. Reaction throughout the media is more or less uniform in favor of Vick being punished, but one Stacey Campfield, who is not just a blogger but also apparently a Tennessee state representative, brings up a perspective we hadn't yet thought of, being that we're Godless heathens and all.

abalk · 08/15/07 10:40AM

"South Carolina Inmate Hits Michael Vick With '$63,000,000,000 Billion Dollar' Lawsuit Alleging Al Qaeda Ties" [Fox News]