Michael Steele's Shameless Greed Shocks Even Fellow Republicans

Maureen O'Connor · 12/22/09 01:32AM

Because earning $223,500 per year as the GOP's designated loudmouth is not enough, Steele also dabbles in the private loudmouth sector, drawing up to $20,000 for speeches where he does stuff like praise ACORN. We found a video!

cityfile · 10/21/09 03:01PM

• Both Google and Facebook are getting into the music biz, apparently. [NYT]
• ESPN's Steve Phillips has a pretty messy sex scandal on his hands. [NYP]
• Condé Nast's latest effort to branch out: It's starting discount travel site called Jetsetter in partnership with Gilt Groupe. Meanwhile, this week's Observer recaps Condé's recent problems and reflects on the good 'ol days. [NYT, NYO]
People's decision to pay big bucks for exclusive pics of kidnapee Jaycee Dugard sure paid off. The issue sold 2 million copies last week. [WWD]
• Who will be the next editor of BusinessWeek? Jon Friedman thinks former Portfolio editor Joanne Lipman would be a "fine choice." And she may be, provided Bloomberg is looking to destroy what's left of the magazine. [MW]
• Michael Steele is now (officially) Us Weekly's editor-in-chief. [NYT]
• How many people despise cable news clown Glenn Beck? Enough that the network has hired a bodyguard to follow him everywhere he goes. [P6]
• Yet another book "by" Michael Jackson may be coming soon. Super! [Crain's]

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 10/19/09 06:48AM

Jon Favreau turns 43 today. John Lithgow is turning 64. Retired boxer Evander Holyfield is 47. Former Saturday Night Live star Chris Kattan is turning 39. RNC chairman Michael Steele is 51. Model/actress Joy Bryant is turning 33. Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, is 40. Bestselling author John le Carré turns 78. Former first daughter Amy Carter is turning 42. TV psychic John Edward is 40. And the most famous carpenter in America, Extreme Home Makeover host Ty Pennington, turns 44 today.

GOP Tries to Claim the Ghost of Jackie Robinson

John Cook · 10/13/09 01:00PM

The GOP's brand-spanking-new website calls Jackie Robinson a "GOP Hero." That's true! Also true: baseball's first black player said the 1964 Republican convention gave him an "understanding of how it must have felt to be a Jew in Hitler's Germany."

Us Weekly Needs You

cityfile · 08/04/09 09:38AM

It's only been a week since Janice Min actually exited Us Weekly. So how's it going now that the magazine's longtime editor-in-chief has left the building and the tabloid's No. 2, Michael Steele, is in charge? Judging by the fact Us is now soliciting cover ideas from its Twitter followers, we're going to say things could be going better. [Twitter]

'Times' Earnings, The Tabloids & Twitter

cityfile · 07/23/09 12:19PM

BusinessWeek's Jon Fine reports that New York owner Bruce Wasserstein may be in the running to break out a dollar bill and buy BusinessWeek. [BW]
• ESPN banned New York Post employees from appearing on the network yesterday after the paper ran (blurry) pics of a nude Erin Andrews. [AP]
• Will will happen with McKinsey consultants now infiltrating Condé Nast? How should you behave if you work there? Some answers and tips. [NYM, Gawker]
Martha Stewart loves Twitter, doesn't particularly care for Facebook. [TDB]
• Kate Major, the Jon Gosselin-loving, publicity-seeking reporter for publicity-seeking Star magazine, has resigned from the junky tabloid. [Star]
• Ad revenue fell precipitously, but the New York Times Co. reported second-quarter profits of $39.1 million, up from $21.1 million a year ago. [NYT]
• Related: Is the Times Co. planning to hang on to the Boston Globe? [E&P]
• America's most trusted newscaster? That would be Jon Stewart. [Time]

Janice Min Leaves Us Weekly, The Trouble at Conde

cityfile · 07/21/09 11:28AM

Janice Min isn't renewing her contract as editor-in-chief of Jann Wenner's Us Weekly. Her No. 2, Michael Steele, will become acting editor in chief. [NYT]
• Condé Nast announced yesterday that it had retained the management consulting firm McKinsey to "develop new perspectives." They sure have their work cut out for them. Condé revealed today that its monthly mags witnessed a 37 percent drop in advertising in September. [Gawker, AdAge, NYO]
• More pain at Condé may be on the way: "Significant cost cuts, including more layoffs and the closing of more magazines" are coming, says Keith Kelly. [NYP]
• Yet more Condé news: The company is closing down Men.Style.com so it can focus on the soon-to-be relaunched websites of GQ and Details. [AdAge]
• The Boston Globe's largest union voted yesterday to approve the new contract that had been proposed by the New York Times Co. [NYT, E&P]
• This can't be a good sign about the state of affairs at CNN: Time Warner Cable is moving it from channel 10 to 78 and replacing it with FX. [MCN]

Joe the Plumber Attacks Michael Steele

Pareene · 03/09/09 04:03PM

It's like a MadLib, isn't it? [Marginal unappealing GOP figurehead] criticized [unelected/unelectable GOP media mouthpiece] for [insane thing].