Ken Jennings Exposed to the Sad Reality That Is the 'Post'

Jessica · 07/26/06 08:17AM

After winning 74 consecutive games of Jeopardy! and snatching $2.52 million, Joseph Smith's most chosen disciple Ken Jennings has a few suggestions for the classic game show, which he likens to the "Dorian Gray of syndication":

The Tina Brown Show: cancelled

Gawker · 03/19/03 06:15PM

Ex-Talk Editor Tina Brown's much anticipated talk show will be postponed because CNBC doesn't want to launch it just as the war in Iraq starts. (Right: Tina's reaction, perhaps?) "The last-minute change was reminiscent of her days at the helm of the New Yorker and Talk magazineswhere she was famous for tearing up nearly completed editions in the final hours for breaking news," writes Michael Starr.
How dare they! [NY Post]