Stella Does Yoga with Bradley Cooper

James O'Donnell · 06/30/10 06:00PM

Michael, Michael and David are feeling a little run down and decide to take a Yoga class to cure what ails them. Let's just hope nobody dies in the process. Awesome pre-fame appearance by Bradley Cooper.

Expect More From Paul Rudd On NBC This Time

Alex Carnevale · 11/15/08 05:25PM

If there ever was a case of the right actor in the wrong part, it was when the NBC overlords cast Paul Rudd as the boyfriend of Phoebe Buffet, Lisa Kudrow's character on Friends. By then the once-hilarious cash cow Friends had turned into a brightly colored satire of the original show, and Rudd's vast comedic skills were tragically under-utilized. Rudd will try to avenge that travesty on tonight's Saturday Night Live. Fortunately, the star of David Wain's surprise hit Role Models has plenty of sketch expertise to fall back on. In clips from the early days of Wain's Comedy Central series Stella, HBO's Little Britain USA, and the classic Michael Showalter parody of director David O. Russell, Rudd brings it the way he should live tonight:Unlike most of the actors in the Apatow milieu, Rudd didn't start out in sketch comedy or stand-up, as he explains in an interview:

Mark Graham · 02/01/08 08:26PM

Ready to experience 'The Ultimate'? The MTV Movie Blog reported earlier today that writer/director David Wain is contemplating putting together a musical adaptation of Wet Hot American Summer, the 2001 cult fave that is to comedy nerds what Strunk & White is to English majors. Even though we're almost 100% certain that Wain pulled a fast one on the cub reporter and has no serious intention to make this happen, the sheer possibility that it might one day happen is enough to make us pound a 2-liter of bug juice. Now pardon us while we go hump a refrigerator. [MTV Movie Blog via Lindsayism]

I Heart Showalter

mark · 03/30/07 04:41PM

Our friends over at CollegeHumor kept the cameras rolling during a particularly difficult shoot for their The Michael Showalter Showalter series, capturing behind-the-scenes video of a dramatic on-set meltdown the likes of which Hollywood hasn't witnessed in hours. But before you vilify the talented—but notoriously difficult—Showalter for his outburst, please realize that infamous diva Paul Rudd was clearly asking for it with his unrelenting bitching following each take.