Amy Ryan Teases Michael and Holly's "Proposal" on The Office

Whitney Jefferson · 03/17/11 12:50PM

The Office's Amy Ryan insists that knowing there's a proposal on the way will not spoil anything, saying that it "happens in true Michael Scott fashion" and that it took the show's crew two days to clean up after filming.

Here is Michael Scott Meeting David Brent For the First Time

Henry Baker · 01/27/11 10:39PM

A longtime dream of many Office fans was realized this evening as two titans of industry finally happened upon each other in a hallway. The Gervais/Carell team up was exactly as glorious as you'd expect. Video inside.

Megan Mullally Tells Us the Origins of "That's What She Said"

Mike Byhoff · 02/03/10 10:19AM

Truly a question that has plagued mankind for literally never. It's use in everyday life to get a cheap laugh had come from somewhere, though. And that somewhere was poking fun at a slutty girl at Long Beach State.