Happy Birthday

cityfile · 04/23/09 06:35AM

Michael Moore turns 55 today. Social fixture (and Estee Lauder heiress) Aerin Lauder Zinterhofer is turning 39. Model Jessica Stam is 23. Writer Ken Auletta is turning 67. Former NBC CEO Bob Wright is 66. Actor Kal Penn is turning 32. Model/actress Jaime King turns 30. Former New Line co-chief Michael Lynne is 68. Real estate heiress and socialite Beth Rudin DeWoody is turning 57. Comedian George Lopez is turning 48. Valerie Bertinelli is 49. And Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel is 19.

STV · 08/20/08 04:25PM

New Line's Survivor Party: We regret overlooking this story Tuesday afternoon, but the news that New Line plans its annual summer party despite pink-slipping its founders (and more than 500 other staffers) in April can't really get old, can it? Especially not with the party coming up tomorrow night at SkyBar of all places — a $35,000 fete for 45 people, according to Nikki Finke, with whom "studio insiders" debate the figure and argue that "[e]ven in the worst years New Line always had that party. ... Toby [Emmerich] felt like the summer party is part of New Line's DNA and to change that is a mistake." OK, but this is the last time: Expect Warner Bros. to absorb the party planning and invitation distribution duties in 2009, only to push the event back to 2010 when its other parties that year threaten to underperform. [DHD]

STV · 06/17/08 03:10PM

While deposed New Line kingpins Bob Shaye and Michael Lynne haven't given up hope of reestablishing their little corner of low-earning industry autonomy somewhere in our glassy wilds, it couldn't hurt to hedge a bit with the ax-swingers at Warner Bros. Or so we hear today, as the Dyspeptic Duo reportedly is lining up a first-look deal at WB while still attempting to rustle up financing for their replacement shingle to be. They're already keeping their old WeHo and NYC offices, with the four-year WB pact potentially allowing Shaye and Lynne a chance to keep their sputtering maverick assembly line going without having to settle for the sloppy genre seconds Warners plans to channel into the new New Line — i.e. The Last Mimzy really was the last Mimzy. Former New Line executive VP is joining the team as well; good luck and happy fundraising to all involved. [Variety]

Michael Lynne

cityfile · 02/03/08 09:39PM

Along with Bob Shaye, Lynne is co-founder of Unique Features and the former co-chairman and co-CEO of New Line, the studio responsible for Austin Powers, Dumb & Dumber, and the epic Hobbit trilogy The Lord of the Rings.