Ryan Phillippe's Secret Love Child and Other Surprises

Maureen O'Connor · 03/15/11 10:23AM

A pregnant ex-girlfriend materializes and turns Ryan Phillippe's life into a soap opera. A mystery starlet's cocaine video will make Miley Cyrus' bong "look like a Disney movie." A group of teen girls break into Justin Bieber's hotel room. Tuesday gossip has arrived.

Leonardo DiCaprio Rings In New Year with Motley Celebrity Crew

Adrian Chen · 01/01/11 11:11AM

How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? Probably not with a supermodel in Mexico. Jenny McCarthy has a new boyfriend. Justin Bieber tries to win Selena Gomez's heart with diamonds. New Year's Day Gossip Roundup is surprisingly not hungover!

Will Miley Cyrus' Bong Rip Ruin Salvia for the Rest of Us?

Adrian Chen · 12/11/10 11:31AM

Miley Cyrus may get salvia banned. Michael Jackson's autopsy is not something we'd want to see. Michael Lohan gets botox but forgets child payments. Nicole Richie's getting married. Saturday gossip roundup can't move its face.

Christina Aguilera: Yes, Those Are My Sexy Naked Pictures

Maureen O'Connor · 12/09/10 10:54AM

Christina Aguilera says she fell prey to a nefarious computer hacker. Blake Lively and Ryan Gosling seem to be dating. Michael Lohan makes a video of himself getting Botox, because, why not? Thursday gossip has a complicated relationship with fame.

Angelina Jolie Thinks Your Thanksgiving Celebration Is Disgusting

Brian Moylan · 11/25/10 11:14AM

Angelina Jolie does not enjoy our colonial holiday. Lindsay Lohan is spending Thanksgiving with a bad influence. Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are back on. Billy Joel is recovering. Wesley Snipes is appealing. Thursday's gossip is making pies with its mother.

Prince William's Wedding Date Is Set! Pack Your Bags!

Richard Lawson · 11/23/10 10:29AM

It's true. We know where and when the amazing ceremony will be. Will you be invited?? Sit by your mailbox and wait! Also today: Miley Cyrus dares to be a teenager, Sandra Bullock is accosted, and Bristol Palin news.

Angelina Jolie's Kid Is Growing Up Crazy, and Other Exaggerations

Richard Lawson · 11/11/10 11:35AM

Shiloh Pitt may be the weirdest four-year-old you've ever heard about. Also today: sad news for Sarah Jessica Parker, happy news for Carrie Prejean and another religious nut, a tale of Johnny Depp's opulence, and the requisite Lohan update.

Another Day, Another Hookers and Cocaine Rampage for Charlie Sheen

Maureen O'Connor · 10/31/10 01:07PM

Charlie Sheen bounces back from last week's cocaine- and hooker-related hospitalization with more cocaine and more hookers. Katy Perry's wedding launched an Indian police investigation. Kim Kardashian faces a Slutoween Sophie's Choice. Halloween's gossip roundup says "Boo!" and "You whore."

James Franco Is a Drag Queen Cover Girl

Maureen O'Connor · 10/06/10 09:11AM

James Franco poses for a transvestite magazine. Kim Kardashian is "down for some hookups." Michael Lohan tries to visit Lindsay and gets rejected. Freak escalator accident nearly kills Bruce Willis. Wednesday gossip is full of surprises.

Heidi and Spencer to Divorce Court: JK!

Maureen O'Connor · 10/01/10 08:56AM

The Montag-Pratts formally end their divorce charade. Heidi Klum quits Victoria's Secret. Lindsay Lohan wears fancy outfits at rehab. Charlie Sheen's daughter has a Twilight-themed wedding. TGIFriday gossip.