500 Days of Kristin, Day 356: Kristin's Favorite Perfume

Allie Jones · 01/15/16 05:35PM

Kristin Cavallari’s debut book Balancing in Heels (formerly titled Balancing on Heels) will reportedly hit shelves sometime this year. Kristin says the tome will include “really just everything in my life.” Like the name of her favorite perfume, perhaps?

Sarah Palin Is Lookin' Just Super

Drew Magary · 08/07/12 12:26PM

For a detailed analysis of Sarah Palin's Supergirl outfit you see here, I turn things over to our Gawker Fashion Correspondent, Fake Michael Kors. What say you, Queen Tangerine?

The Fashion Week Train Is Still Careening Toward Destruction

Brian Moylan · 09/14/11 05:05PM

Like a runaway train on a runaway track, Fashion Week is still hurtling into the horizon, wrecking everything in its path. Well, it's at least littering it with sequins and empty champagne bottles. Let's look at today's flotsam and jetsam.

Here's What You Missed During Fashion's Night Out

Leah Beckmann · 09/09/11 02:15PM

Last night was the third annual Fashion's Night Out, Anna Wintour's fake charity. We must acknowledge that this is now a global thing that happens, and will continue to happen, once every year, like some sort of culling of the herd. Here are all the celebrities, parties, and ridiculous fashions that you missed by not attending.

Beauty Abounds at Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/16/11 06:55PM

Just like Hansel and Gretel were trapped in that gingerbread house, we are still trapped in the sweet, sweet world of New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the best pictures of the day, like this model backstage at 3.1 Philip Lim. We can't tell if she's delighted or yawning. [Image via AP]

Project Runway: Out of Season

Brian Moylan · 10/29/10 12:26PM

Fashion Week has come and gone, the runway collections have been shown, a winner has been chosen, and the losers have been sent home. Now all that's left is the reaction, and what a reaction it is.

Project Runway: Crybabies in Crisis

Brian Moylan · 10/22/10 03:16PM

There was plenty of drama in the first half of Project Runway's "two-part finale," but it was more to do with the designers behind the scenes than the actual clothes. We also saw the cryingingest elimination of all time.

Project Runway: Mayor McCheese

Brian Moylan · 10/15/10 02:44PM

Last night Mayor-for-Life Michael Bloomberg gave the designers of Project Runway keys to the city. Then they designed things inspired by Gotham. Everything was black: bleak, hopeless, and black.

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 12

MisterHippity · 10/14/10 07:00PM

Hey Project Runway fans—come join our live blog of tonight's episode! There are bitches on the show and you can bitch about it. But don't be too bitchy. Who are we kidding, be as bitchy as you want.

The Secret That Brought Everyone to Tears on Project Runway

Emily Chen · 10/01/10 02:15AM

In probably the most touching and tearful episodes of the season, the designers showed a surprising amount of camaraderie and had the chance reconnect with their families. However, it was Mondo's revelation of a long hidden secret that shocked everyone.

Project Runway: The Kennedy Assassination

Brian Moylan · 09/17/10 12:37PM

Project Runway killed Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis a second time. They dug up her grave, molested her corpse, dressed her up in bad outfits, and paraded her on TV. Her eternal soul will know no rest because of reality television.

Project Runway: Patterns of Bad Behavior

Brian Moylan · 09/10/10 02:50PM

Project Runway knows that real designers don't sew clothes. That's what underage foreign children are for! Last night, they turned the real designers into underage foreign children of their very own, and they hated it.

The Winners and Losers at the Project Runway Fashion Show

Brian Moylan · 09/09/10 11:55AM

Today we headed over to the Fashion Week tents in Lincoln Center to check out the final collections by the 10 remaining contestants on Project Runway. What was good, what was bad, and what was the biggest surprise of all?

Project Runway: Other People's Baggage

Brian Moylan · 07/30/10 02:20PM

Everyone lugs around tons of baggage wherever they go, but last night on the season premiere of Project Runway, the contestants had to mine each other's for gold. There was vision and delusion—and Heidi's horrible new haircut.

The CFDA Awards: A Virtual Party Report

Brian Moylan · 06/08/10 11:51AM

We were far too busy watching the season finale of Nurse Jackie to attend the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards last night at Lincoln Center. But fictional freelancer Betsey Morgenstern was there taking plenty of notes!