'Slate' Wants To Bore You To Death Off-Line Too

abalk2 · 06/15/06 09:50AM

Got fifteen bucks and a tremendous amount of self-hatred? Then you'll want to spend it on the provocatively titled discussion "Online Media and the Future of Journalism" at the Public Library on June 22. That's right, as a celebration of Slate's tenth anniversary, the online mag has put together a panel to consider the ways in which the Internet has affected the delivery of news. In accordance with federal laws concerning the approximately three thousand panels each year on this subject, Arianna Huffington is a participant. Other members include Malcolm Gladwell, Michael Kinsley, Norman Pearlstine, and Jacob Weisberg, which, in other circumstances, would make for the world's most annoying poker game. Don't get us wrong - we're pleased as punch for Slate. Has it really been ten years? So many memories: Learning about the joys of monkeyfishing, watching Judy Shulevitz apply for a job at The Times, seeing every prediction made by Mickey Kaus turn out to be comically wrong... we could go on and on. As for the panel, though, we're going to take Gladwell's advice: Our first instinct says this may be the most boring event at the library since Frank Rich's play about Adolph Ochs. We've got to believe that instinct is correct.

Michael Kinsley Wants a Date With Tom Friedman

Jesse · 04/21/06 04:30PM

You already know about the Times' "Win a Trip With Nick Kristof" contest. On Slate today, Michael Kinsley wonders why things should stop there, and he considers similar contests with other Times op-edsters. Fist, he cites Nick's pitch:

Media Bubble: Objectivity, Shmobjectivity

Jesse · 03/31/06 02:30PM

• Michael Kinsley thinks newspapers should give up on objectivity. We, of course, despise that idea of subjective coverage. We really despise it. [Slate]
• The latest Times/TimesSelect op-ed/website combo: Columns from Judith Warner. [NYTCo.]
• Sales are finally picking up at OK! America, and so Sarah Ivens gets a new contract. [NYP (second item)]
• Is CBS using Public Eye to take potshots at NBC? One can hope. [LAT]
• John Huey has good taste in lip balm. [WWD]

Media Bubble: Because We Don't Hear Enough from Martha Already

Jesse · 09/14/05 02:28PM

• Martha Stewart to launch fashion mag. Oh, the endless opportunities for orange-jumpsuit jokes. [NYP]
• New Orleanian Doug Brinkley, who made his pundit name on his pal JFK Jr.'s death, unsurprisingly signs first Katrina book deal. [MSNBC]
• Hearst and Hachette — gasp! — work together on an ad deal. [NYT]
• What's new about the new Paris Review? Um, what isn't? [NYO]
• Michael Kinsley leaves LAT editorial page after a little more than a year; no one was considerate enough to leave news of his firing in a Xerox machine so he could learn about it in advance. [NYT]
• Wenner Media redecorates, and Jann isn't happy with the paint colors. [NYO, second item]
NYT, WP give each other sneak peaks of their front pages. Sputters E&P's scoopy Joe Strupp: "Are you aware of what a serious breach of security that would be? They'll see everything, they'll — they'll see the Big Board!" [E&P]
• ASME barely slaps The New Yorker on the wrist for Target single-advertiser issue, and crazy columnist in Chicago bursts a blood vessel. [CS-T]
• The lowest blow: In wake of Katrina, public dislikes Bush more than it dislikes press. [E&P]

Media Bubble: Listening to Horace Greeley

Jesse · 07/27/05 03:20PM

• Former Timesman Dean Baquet continues to be newly crowned LAT editor, as Tom Scocca goes west to confirm. [NYO]
• And Michael Kinsley did "a pretty horrible job" at LAT, says Nikki Finke. Come on, Nikki, what do you really think? [L.A. Weekly]
• RIP, Post's Hamptons Dairy, more or less. [Media Mob]
• Syd Schanberg teaches the right way to read the paper and watch TV. We can't believe we've been so woefully undertrained all these years. [VV]
• More virgins in Manhattan: Richard Branson considers free NYC daily. [Forbes]

Media Bubble: It's Better to Live in the City Where You're Editing the Editorial Page. Who Knew?

Jesse · 07/26/05 11:51AM

• Michael Kinsley likely to stop running Los Angeles Times editorial page. Displaying his legendarily razor-sharp analytic skills, Kinsley says: "This living in Seattle and editing the editorial page is not an ideal arrangement." [NYT]
TV Guide to slash rate base, pull back on listings, increase lifestyle and entertainment coverage — that is to say, to become like every other magazine. [AP via Newsday]
• In terms of prison fabulosity, Judy Miller's no Martha Stewart. [Newsday]
• Two Source execs charged with attempted murder. Oy. [Vibe]

New York media party

Gawker · 05/01/02 01:19AM

The first media party since I arrived in New York, the Slate event at which Jacob Weisberg was unveiled as...