Secret 'Wealthy Individual' to Save Newsweek?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/07/10 12:58PM

In your Newsweeky Monday media column: the latest on the secret rumored alleged unknown bidders for Newsweek, suggestions for Newsweek's future success, Michael Isikoff leaves Newsweek, and Tim Cahill's having a rough time, Newsweek notwithstanding.

'Newsweek' Calls John McCain a Liar

Pareene · 02/22/08 02:22PM

Reporter Michael Isikoff's story of John McCain's unethical relationship with lobbyist Vicki Iseman is up at Newsweek! It's been speculated that news that Isikoff was working on the story is one of the many factors that prompted the New York Times to "rush" their version into print earlier this week. Isikoff's story comes with a nice little mini-bombshell: proof that McCain already lied in his "sweeping denial" of the Times story!

Wayne Barrett Isn't Pissed At Michael Isikoff After All!

Maggie · 12/04/07 02:05PM

There's a feud brewing between Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett and Newsweek reporter Michael Isikoff over who broke the story about Rudy Giuliani's ties to terror-financiers in the Middle East. Or so a bunch of catty mainstream publications' blogs would have you think!