A Terrified Nation Gets the NSA Debate It Deserves

Hamilton Nolan · 11/19/14 11:35AM

Edward Snowden, an enemy of America, released top secret information so powerful that it would destroy the government's ability to keep Americans safe. Information so powerful that, in fact... nothing has changed.

Hamilton Nolan · 04/07/14 09:07AM

Spy agency mouthpiece Michael Hayden yesterday criticized Sen. Dianne Feinstein for showing "deep, emotional feeling" about the Senate's report on the CIA's torture program. Michael Hayden is really something (a torture apologist).

Michael Hayden, the Voice of Terror

Hamilton Nolan · 10/31/13 11:42AM

Michael Hayden, the former head of the NSA and the CIA, is the official mouthpiece of the American surveillance state. His blithe, unquestioning acceptance of the idea that privacy is a foolish notion is horrifying. And for that, he is valuable.

Bob Schieffer's NSA Farce

Hamilton Nolan · 08/12/13 12:18PM

Bob Schieffer, the elderly moderator of CBS's Face the Nation, once dismissed Edward Snowden as "just a narcissistic young man who has decided he is smarter than the rest of us." Yesterday, Schieffer once again addressed the issues of privacy and the NSA. His performance was an embarrassment to journalism.

Won't You Be Michael Chertoff's Unpaid Intern?

The Cajun Boy · 08/11/09 11:18PM

Surely you've sat around in the midst of your recessionary squalor and thought, "Gee, I'd really love an unpaid internship at the consulting/lobbying firm started by the former head of Homeland Security under President Bush." Well, today's your lucky day!