Arrington Responds to Abuse Claims: 'Completely Untrue'

Adrian Chen · 04/08/13 10:34AM

TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington has strongly denied a host of recent public allegations from an ex-girlfriend, former colleagues, and former friends that he has a history of violent behavior toward women. The string of claims began late last month with a Facebook post leveled by his ex-girlfriend, Jenn Allen, who wrote that Arrington had assaulted and threatened to kill her. Gawker followed up last week with a story reporting on claims from a former co-worker that Arrington was investigated by a former employer for assaulting a female colleague, as well as claims from that he threw an ex-girlfriend into a wall.

Michael Arrington's Allegations Includes an Assault Investigation

Adrian Chen · 04/05/13 01:14PM

When TechCrunch founder turned venture capitalist Mike Arrington was accused last week of rape and abuse by an ex-girlfriend, many in Silicon Valley were shocked, but not entirely surprised. This is because rumors that Arrington abused women have circulated almost from the time he started his career in the tech industry. Gawker has learned of two previous instances, a decade apart, in which Arrington was accused of violent, abusive behavior towards women. One—in which a coworker and ex-girlfriend accused him of assaulting her in a hotel room—resulted in an internal investigation by his then-employer. In the other incident, he allegedly threw a different girlfriend against a wall. Neither episode ended in any real fallout for Arrington.

Former Friend of Michael Arrington Says He's Heard Abuse Allegations

Adrian Chen · 04/03/13 02:15PM

The Silicon Valley tech press has been largely silent on the serious allegations of rape and physical abuse leveled against TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington by his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen. But a former friend of Arrington's is now speaking out to say he believes Allen's story and has heard similar ones before.

'Seeing the Bully Finally Meet His Demise is Just Sad'—Michael Arrington's Former Partner Denounces Him on Facebook

Jason Calacanis · 04/03/13 01:35PM

Facebook hasn't been kind to Facebook investor and TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington lately. The notorious tech thug was accused by his ex-girlfriend Jenn Allen of physical abuse and death threats in a Facebook post last week, as we were the first to report. (Later, in comments on Gawker, she accused him of rape; Arrington hasn't responded to our requests for comment.) Today, apparently in response to that post and the shards of rumor that have begun surfacing in its wake (which we are busily running down), Arrington's estranged friend and former business partner Jason Calacanis has taken to Facebook to reminisce on their relationship and endorse the ugly picture of Arrington that is emerging. It's by no means the first time Calacanis has lit into Arrington; the two have a very contentious history. The post—which doesn't name Arrington, but is obviously and transparently addressed to him—is published below in full.

Homeland Security Took Michael Arrington's Boat Because 'America Is Myspace'

Mallory Ortberg · 02/23/13 12:09PM

All TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington wanted was a simple life, with a simple boat, so that he might draw out his remaining days in peaceful aquatic seclusion. Chartering retired couples and young honeymooners on day trips, resolving the quarrels of local fisherman, nibbling on sponge cake and watching the sun bake all of those tourists covered in oil. He was done with the game, and he thought the game was done with him.

Don't Even Think About Trying to Resign From This Tech Company

Adrian Chen · 04/24/10 03:04PM

Usually if an employee quits to pursue another exciting opportunity, it is a time of celebration. Not for Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis. One of his employees sent out a super nice resignation letter. Calacanis' response: "Horribly disappointed in you."