Meet Miami Gardens, The Stop-And-Frisk Capital of America

Adam Weinstein · 05/29/14 01:40PM

New York's arrest-free search policies are well known. Less well known is the Florida city that's used quotas to stop and frisk 11-year-old boys and centenarian retirees—56,922 people in all, half the population. A new investigation finds how deep Miami Gardens' excesses really go.

Cement-and-Glue Butt Injection 'Doctor' Was a Job Creator

Lauri Apple · 11/25/11 04:06PM

As part of their ongoing investigation into Oneal Ron Morris—the Floridian fake doctor accused of injecting "cement, 'Fix a Flat,' mineral oil and super glue" into people's butts—police have arrested Corey Alexander Eubank, Morris's alleged assistant. Now both are unemployed.