Cops Swarm Lil Wayne's Miami Mansion After Swatting Hoax

Andy Cush · 03/11/15 12:37PM

A call to police claiming that a shooting had taken place at Lil Wayne's Miami Beach home was a hoax, and no such shooting took place, according to local law enforcement. A SWAT team responded to the rapper's home after the call this afternoon.

Rich Men Report: Diddy Fucked Up Drake at Art Basel

Sam Biddle · 12/08/14 01:08PM

Just hold on, we're going to the hospital: every monied jerkoff under the sun was at the annual Art Basel confab in Miami this weekend, and it wasn't all bad sculptures and group sex. New reports say Diddy punched Drake in his beautiful face and sent him to the doctor last night.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/21/14 01:46PM

Here you will find an argument that the city of Miami, which is slowly being slowly eaten by the sea, should encourage more development, so it will have the tax base necessary to pay for the construction of defenses to save those developments from the rising seas. That's that Florida logic.

Adam Weinstein · 06/03/14 05:13PM

Lake City, a small Tennessee burg "beset by unemployment and methamphetamine use," will change its name to "Rocky Top" in order to excite developers and Vols fans. No word yet on when Miami will change its name to "Blow Canes."

Meet Miami Gardens, The Stop-And-Frisk Capital of America

Adam Weinstein · 05/29/14 01:40PM

New York's arrest-free search policies are well known. Less well known is the Florida city that's used quotas to stop and frisk 11-year-old boys and centenarian retirees—56,922 people in all, half the population. A new investigation finds how deep Miami Gardens' excesses really go.