Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/22/08 07:38AM

Diane Sawyer is two years away from officially becoming a senior citizen. It's her 63rd birthday today. Others celebrating on this chilly Monday: Chef Anita Lo is 43. Theater producer Daryl Roth is turning 64. Vanessa Paradis, the French singer/actress and longtime love of Johnny Depp, is turning 36. Ralph Fiennes is 46. Mia Tyler, the daughter of Steven and half-sister of Liv, is turning 30. American Idol winner Jordin Sparks turns 19. And Ali Lohan is 15 years old today.

Jay-Z Gets Richer

cityfile · 08/13/08 05:34AM
  • Jay-Z is in talks to sell a stake in his 40/40 club to the owners of Las Vegas' Venetian and Palazzo hotels for $44 million. The deal would also allow the club to expand to Europe, a continent clamoring for overpriced Cristal. [Page Six]

Can Mia Tyler's Memoir Outshine This Press Release's Profundity?

Emily Gould · 03/14/07 12:10PM

Steven Tyler's daughter is writing her memoirs! No, sorry, not Liv. That other one. The plus size one who was on The Simple Life The Surreal Life! She's writing a book called Creating Myself for S&S's ladylit imprint Atria, and there is a press release about it that's not so much breathless as it is oxygen-deprived. The book will be a "deeply coming of age personal memoir!" But that's not all. It will also recount Mia's troubled past. "On the surface, Mia Tyler would seem to have been born into a fantasy life as the daughter of a rock star and a glamour girl. But Mia spent nearly 20 years as a trouble-filled youth." How Jerri Blank! We can't wait to read it.