The Insane Temptations of Two Tech Bloggers

Ryan Tate · 10/03/11 08:54PM

For TechCrunch's MG Siegler, temptation came from the clubby world of venture capital. For the New York Times' Nick Bilton, the lure was in the blindingly lit studios of a TV network. The writers made different choices—one took the money, the other turned it down—but the scope of their offers alone is the sign of a world gone mad.

VentureBeat blogger writes about girlfriend's company

Owen Thomas · 11/07/08 05:20PM

Leah Culver, the ever-romantic founder of file-sharing site Pownce, does not think anything should keep two lovers apart, least of all work. True! And if she wants to date MG Siegler, the handsome VentureBeat blogger, more power to her. Brian Solis's lens captured the two sticking quite close to each other at a party for MySpace Music last night. But shouldn't Siegler, rather than Valleywag, disclose the relationship to his readers before he writes flatteringly about Pownce and quotes Culver in an article? (Photo by Brian Solis/

Commercial casting, open call, Best Buy Inc.

Owen Thomas · 05/02/08 06:00PM

Team VentureBeat assembles for the obligatory group photo. The setting: a launch party for VentureBeat's DigitalMedia blog. Left to right: Well-paid tech-CEO transcriptionist Dean Takahashi; mopheaded cleantech writer Chris Morrison; skinflint business manager Jacob Mullins; Jimmy Olsen-lookalike and VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall; stylishly underdressed Anthony Ha; expert Techmeme gamer MG Siegler; and Eric Eldon, who's wearing his great-grandfather's three-piece suit. Yesterday's winner: Once again, WagCurious, for labeling Pete Cashmore "The face that launched a thousand ship-dates." (Photo by Brian Solis/