Video Shows D.C. Metrobus Driver Literally Throwing Off Passenger

Matt Cherette · 09/07/11 04:35AM

Washington, DC transit officials launched an investigation on Tuesday after learning of a video that appears to show a Metrobus driver forcibly throwing a passenger off a bus and straight to the ground. A Metro spokesman called the driver's actions "completely unacceptable" and noted that "appropriate action" would be taken against him just as soon as they figure out who the hell he is. Because they don't know.

Lady Gaga Is Going to Be a Newspaper Editor

Adrian Chen · 04/07/11 06:23PM

As if spending 72 hours in an egg wasn't bad enough: Lady Gaga is going to be a newspaper editor for an entire day. She'll be stopping by the office of the free tabloid Metro on May 17th to guest-edit the paper. Look for an infographic on prosthetic horn maintenance.

Freelance Payment Problems at Blackbook

Hamilton Nolan · 08/06/10 12:09PM

In your contentious Friday media column: freelancers say BlackBook's not paying them, a family sues Metro for misleading photo usage, WaPoCo makes money (no thanks to the newspaper), and a bidder for Newsweek says he was ignored.

White Plains Trash

The Cajun Boy · 07/31/09 01:54AM

Here's something cool that's also a sad metaphor for the newspaper industry—a blogger spent over a month photographically documenting the trash that compiled inside of a newspaper bin near the train stop in White Plains. [Bitch Cakes]

White Supremacists Mock Your College Newspaper Articles

Hamilton Nolan · 05/11/09 01:25PM

In your modernist Monday media column: Print porn gets desperate, Metro leaves America, reporters now work in coffee shops, and your dumb college newspaper articles are all on your permanent record:

Maple Syrup Smell Mystery Solved!

Gabriel Snyder · 02/05/09 11:25AM

In an astonishing feat of detective work worthy of the Hardy Boys, Mayor Bloomberg has announced the source of that mystery maple syrup smell. Click for the answer!

Metro: Fooled By Racist Designer, Now Sponsoring His Show

Hamilton Nolan · 08/04/08 02:23PM

Sometimes we come across a PR item so ignorant, misguided, and inexplicable that we just have to shake our heads back and forth and sigh in a dramatic manner. We have one such item right here. If you ran a newspaper that had been terribly embarrassed for treating a racist publicity stunt as front page news just weeks ago-so embarrassed, in fact, that the editor responsible was quietly fired-would you not, in the future, do everything possible to distance yourself from the bad designer who fooled you with with the stunt? Metro NY decided: instead of that, why don't we just sponsor this guy's next fashion show? The press release for the upcoming L.E.S. Fashion Flipside show is below. As you can see, Metro is listed as one of only two sponsors for the show. And [bad designer], last seen trying to sell a copy of his poetry book "America, My Whore" to a reporter from Jewish Week, is listed as the first name under "boutiques." Urgh:

Source: Metro Editor Fired For "Obama Is My Slave" Publicity Stunt Story

Hamilton Nolan · 07/21/08 11:22AM

A tipster tells us that Mark Bulliet, an editor at NYC's throwaway free morning paper Metro, has been fired. The reason: Bulliet was the editor who oversaw Metro's embarrassing front-page story last Thursday about a girl who was supposedly attacked by four black girls because she was wearing a t-shirt reading "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE." As we told you last week, that story's only source was the crappy designer who had sold the t-shirt, and it's likely the whole thing was a tasteless, racist publicity stunt that Metro fell for. A source tells us that Bulliet had an intern do the story despite its incredibly poor sourcing. We've emailed Metro for a response. If you know more about the fallout, email us. [Previously]

Race-Baiting Media Whore Is A Credible Source To One Dumb Paper

Hamilton Nolan · 07/18/08 01:25PM

Metro, the free paper best known for causing track fires on the NYC subways, ran a cover story yesterday that is totally indefensible, even by the lowly journalism standards of free morning papers. Radar spotted it: a front page splash about an innocent grad student girl who was supposedly attacked by four wild young black females because she was wearing a t-shirt with the slogan, "OBAMA IS MY SLAVE." The paper's one and only source? The untalented media whore designer who sold the mystery girl the shirt. (We would feel dirty giving him more PR than necessary, but it was this prick). But guess what, Metro: we got that press release too. And if this whole story isn't a hoax, I will personally buy one of those shitty shirts.