Holy Shit Chris Pratt Got Built For His Next Movie

Neetzan Zimmerman · 07/08/13 08:50AM

Actor Chris Pratt, better known to fans of slow-witted, well-meaning, beardface schlubs as Andy Dwyer on NBC's Parks & Rec, has broken out of his typecasting cocoon and emerged an unrecognizably jacked butterfly.

Is Rooney Mara Aware She Is Not Actually Lisbeth Salander?

Maureen O'Connor · 01/16/12 11:42AM

Is Rooney Mara contractually obligated to dress like a monochromatic red carpet version of Lisbeth Salander for the duration of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo series? Or, over the course of playing Salander, did Rooney discover the starkly sexy killer swizzle stick within?

Dakota Fanning to Bring Preternatural Poise to Real-Life Role as High School Cheerleader

Kyle Buchanan · 10/02/08 07:00PM

The steady rollout of Dakota Fanning 2.0 continues apace as the young actress hit up Oprah today to promote her new drama, The Secret Life of Bees. As a pre-teen, Fanning sometimes came off as robotically overprepared on the talk show circuit, but she felt much more relatable on Oprah — perhaps a pleasant side effect from the fact that she's now eschewed home schooling to attend an actual high school. Typically, the studious Fanning isn't about to half-ass that, either; she's joined the cheerleading team, and Oprah's got the picture to prove it. Abigail Breslin, eat your heart out! Also, after the jump, Fanning discusses shooting the film's kissing scene — with Dixon from 90210, of all people. Silver's gonna be pissed!

Thandie Newton's Teenage Lesbianism In No Way Helped Her Play Condoleezza Rice

Kyle Buchanan · 09/25/08 03:00PM

As rumors circulate that Condoleezza Rice was passed up for John McCain's vice presidential slot due to questions about her sexuality, her film portrayer Thandie Newton sat down for an interview with gay magazine The Advocate. The actress, who is playing Rice in Oliver Stone's election-tipping presidential fantasia W., said that she herself doesn't believe Rice is a lesbian — and it's too bad, because Newton has the same-sex experience that could have informed such a role:

Beyonce Channels Stanislavski In Pursuit Of Oscar Gold

Mark Graham · 03/11/08 07:41PM

Step aside, Ghost of Marlon Brando. Hit the bricks, Bobby DeNiro. The newest disciple of Constantin Stanislavski's renowned Method acting technique is none other than Miss Foxy Cleopatra herself, Beyonce Knowles. Fresh off of her exciting and unexpected upset of Kanye West in a heated match of Connect Four, Beyonce arrived on the set of Cadillac Ranch this week determined to regain all of the buzz that Jennifer Hudson usurped from her in Showgirls Dreamgirls. In fact, she's so dedicated to making her performance as Etta James shine that she's taken to staying in character both on and off the set. As this Media Take Out tipster reports:

Emily Gould · 05/25/07 08:54AM

Video clips from I Know Who Killed Me prove that Lindsay Lohan can really work a stripper pole! [Egotastic]