Woman Jailed for One Month After Cops Confused Her SpaghettiOs for Meth

Allie Jones · 09/29/14 03:29PM

Think twice the next time you want to gorge on SpaghettiOs in the privacy of your own car. Georgia resident Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, just got out of jail after spending over a month there because cops confused some leftover SpaghettiOs on her car spoon (we all have them) for meth.

Best Taco Truck Ever Was Also Selling Meth

Enid Shaw · 09/22/14 06:53PM

A Colorado taco truck — arguably the greatest taco truck in Colorado or anywhere else — has been driven out of business by people who disapproved of its business model. That model: selling methamphetamine in addition to tacos, a move which presumably delighted its customers, but seems to have really displeased the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Colorado state police.

Very High Man Understandably Confuses Car for Alien Spaceship

Adam Weinstein · 06/20/14 01:05PM

James Bushart, 44, of Arkansas, is apparently familiar with meth, but has never seen a Plymouth Prowler before. He was arrested this week for DWI and drugs after cops say he menaced a couple in the car—which he thought was a spaceship—and told them to take it back to their alien planet.