Balloon Boy's Tween Heavy Metal Career Lifts Off

Camille Dodero · 07/02/13 11:59AM

Richard Heene did not mean to utter the words. The 51-year-old manager of the Heene Boyz, an unsigned metal band comprising his three home-schooled sons, was recounting how one Christmas years ago, he was so broke that he'd had to design an ingenious sort of wooden building system, fabricated from $35 worth of materials, for his children's present.

Politician's New Ad Reaches Out to Death-Metal Voters

Lauri Apple · 10/01/11 11:25AM

To get more young people to participate in the Satanic ritual of voting, Polish politician Jedrzej Wijas hired a death metal band for his latest campaign ad. It seems low-budget and doesn't include any bloodshed or horror-monster scenes, but it works okay. Maybe it's the dim lighting or the way he's holding himself, but Wijas comes off looking pretty fierce, like he's ready to punch someone (probably his opponent). We like that characteristic in a politician.