Media Shocked to Learn "Christian" Metalcore Band Frontman Is Atheist

Adam Weinstein · 06/19/14 01:58PM

As I Lay Dying is super hardcore Christian. Sure, they never came out and said "Jesus" or "God" in their songs, but they talked a lot about being Christian rockers and got themselves a following. Who knew that it was all a ploy by godless capitalist screamo dudes just to sell records?

John Cook · 12/30/13 04:18PM

"Fenriz, the drummer of Norway's Darkthrone, a group known for sounding like they are recording in a garage with one microphone, says bands that overuse computers are 'losers.'" The Wall Street Journal takes a look at metal's BPM arms race.

The Gawker Guide to Fall Music

Max Read · 09/01/11 05:09PM

With the coming of Diddy's Labor Day White Party, the ancient druidic event that marks the end of the summer season, so too comes another ancient tradition: The Fall Music Preview. What delightful sounds can we expect to be emanating from stereos over the next few months?

Britons Love Their Gods of Metal

Jeff Neumann · 01/05/11 08:35AM

The local tourism board of Britain's Suffolk County, in seeking to attract visitors, asked residents to vote for the county's greatest icon. The plan backfired when the singer of the metal band Cradle of Filth won by a landslide.