The Internet Rescues Two Russians From Sex Slavery

Ravi Somaiya · 05/21/10 11:38AM

Two Russian girls paid $3000 to come to America for work. They were told to report to a shady New York nightclub to become 'hostesses'. A concerned friend posted about it on Metafilter. They were apparently saved.

1,259 insults on one page

Paul Boutin · 07/02/08 05:00PM

As a human being with a soul in there somewhere, I've avoided blogging about the Xeni-Violet scandal. But as a wannabe comedy writer, I found myself obsessively poring over the 1,200-plus Metafilter comments on our report. I'd forgotten why I love-hated Metafilter: It's a boyzone of spiteful, pseudonymous insult comics, but many are snappy with the English language. "Instead of calling it what it is, they're going to clown us with semantics." Red meat for you guys at MeFi: The "homophobic" headline on yesterday's post was added by big gay Owen Thomas himself. Discuss.

Social nerdwanking

Nick Douglas · 12/10/07 09:46AM

Coined by R. Stevens in his webcomic Diesel Sweeties, "social nerdwanking" means lording your social-network superiority over others, which is secretly the only reason you bother with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Orkut, and every other social network. Except your legitimate if fruitless use of Adult FriendFinder.

Choire · 08/23/07 08:40AM

"I need help not blowing this exciting opportunity, please. i do not know how to amass the team of people I need to make the most of my fame potential. An upcoming event in my life is going to be splashed across the news nation and perhaps world wide.... I want a publicist and a manager who specializes in making a somebody out of nobody with something to offer—in terms of personal branding, think Lauren Conrad from 'The Hills' meets Ann Coulter meets Suze Orman." [Ask Mefi]

Hipster Wrath Implosion Destroys Robots

Josh · 04/19/07 02:37PM

Last week's convergence of beer, hipsters and destructive tendencies at 196 Grand left porcelain toilets shattered, windows broken and four men in jail. Its legacy has not only been marked in dented drywall, videos and an unreasonable amount of Gawker posts but also in mysterious phone calls. Apparently some dude who goes by the name Tony Robots has been receiving phone calls from the NYPD about the property; they seem to think he's the owner. Soon Mr. Robots was fielding calls from real estate agents who also think Domo Arigato Mr. Robots is the owner. Trouble is Mr. Robots isn't. And so he did what any man with the last name Robots would do in that situation: he Asked Metafilter.

Is Nevada Smith's The Worst Bar In NYC?

Emily Gould · 03/13/07 02:04PM

That's what Metafilter's internerds are currently trying to decide. Not that the Third Ave. frathole is lacking for competition: other popular candidates include Mars Bar—"they have always been cleaning up after a fight any time I've been in there" and "most of the staff and clientele resembel [sic] Johnny Thunders as well, including the women"— and "anywhere in TriBeca." We were pleased to see two bars we've worked at on the list, but where are the other two? And have the Metafilterers glaringly omitted any other rank-smelling, overpriced get-drunkeries? We hope you'll help fill in the blanks.

The Worst Bars In New York [MF]
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The Internets Try To Describe Their Lady-Tastes

Emily Gould · 02/28/07 12:40PM

"As long as I've had my culele, I've wondered what 'normal' is," asked a lady nicknamed Ambrosia Voyeur on Ask Metafilter, back on December 1st. Three months later, the debate and descriptions rage on. "9 volt battery" is popular; other contenders include "aluminum foil," "sweet flower," "metallic tuna," "cumin," "sea salt and vineagar potato chips" and "agave cactus with a hint of pear." All questions of vadgeflavor aside, one thing is clear: We just fell back in love with the internet again in our mouth a little.

John Battelle owns the Internet

Nick Douglas · 06/02/06 10:25PM

So Google counts over 23 billion pages on the Internet — who cares? Nothing's really online until it's been "Dugg," "Farked," and "Boing Boinged." And when your new quirky blog post ("Meta-Katamari George Bush MacBook Pro Naked") gets passed around the memepool, it'll be surrounded by John Battelle's ads.

How To Kruc Off At Work

Pareene · 10/27/05 11:35AM

The internet is made up primarily of smart people who waste a lot of time. Some of those smart people have a lot of helpful hints over at MetaFilter for the less smart ones looking to waste time too without the bosses finding out. This is required reading for those of you who feed us our memos and leaks. Here's a sampler:

Puma analysis from MeFi

Gawker · 03/14/03 06:00PM

Choice quotes from the masses at Metafilter:
· "If [the Puma ad] is actionable, then I expect IKEA to start suing over all the cheap beds used in pr0n."
· "Ehhhhh, Puma can blow me."
· "If I were head of Puma's marketing, I'd be estatic. When was the last time Puma even entered your thought process?"
Leggo my logo [MeFi]

Booty bumping and disco dumping

Gawker · 03/14/03 09:42AM

Michael Musto introduces the newest club craze: booty bumping and disco dumping. According to Musto, "booty bumping has the jaded set getting drugs blown up their butts through a straw, while disco dumping has wasted, often booty-bumped queens making a poopy in their pants, usually trying to flush their dirty underwear later (which explains why club toilets are so often stopped up)." All the kids are doing it!
La Dolce Musto [Village Voice]
Booty bumping and disco dumping thread [MeFi]

Gawker jokes

Gawker · 12/21/02 01:54PM

Some jokes, mainly recycled, about Gawker. A bit of context: Metafilter is a weblog community, which hates everything Gawker stands for. And I do hope they can pinpoint what Gawker stands for, because we haven't quite defined that yet. I'm sure I've heard this one before, but it still made me chuckle:
Q. How many Gawker readers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Two. One to mix martinis while the other calls the electrician.
There are more, of amusement to web insiders, at Metafilter, but I'll leave you with this.

For the Record

Gawker · 12/20/02 07:31PM

Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers met at a Metafilter get-together. If you have no idea what a Metafilter get-together is, trust us, it doesn't matter.