Widow of Man Who Begged for Life Before Police Shooting Seeks to Unseal Body Camera Footage (Updated)

Andy Cush · 04/01/16 03:10PM

Laney Sweet, the widow of Daniel Shaver, an unarmed man who was shot five times and killed by a Mesa, Arizona, police officer in January, is seeking to have body camera footage from the shooting publicly released. Sweet previously declined an apparent offer from prosecutors to personally view the footage on the condition that she not discuss what she saw with the media. She recorded and published audio of that conversation on YouTube.

What Did This Homeless Woman Plan to Do With Her Grenade?

Lauri Apple · 05/21/11 03:47PM

Did Renee Deshaies of Mesa, Arizona enter a local Dairy Queen and "threaten" employees with the grenade she supposedly found lying around in a park? Or did she just "show" the grenade, as if to say, "Whoa look, grenade! Weird. Anybody know what I should do with this?"