Top 10 Academy Award Mysteries: Explained

Brian Moylan · 03/08/10 04:10PM

If you were like me, last night you were watching the show with plenty of questions. Why so long? Why so bad? Who is that weird red-haired lady crashing the stage? Well, we found some answers and even more questions.

Why George Clooney Was Mean at the Oscars, and Other Mysteries

Brian Moylan · 03/08/10 11:12AM

It's because his secret stash of booze ran dry. Sandra Bullock wins worst actress, Mo'Nique and Oprah clash, Farah Fawcett is forgotten, terrorists hate Hollywood, Tom Cruise gets in a wreck. Monday's gossip has a champagne hangover.

The Most Memorable Moments from the Oscars

Matt Cherette · 03/08/10 01:46AM

Well, folks, there you have it! The 82nd Annual Academy awards are history, and what a night it was. Inside, your Oscars wrap-up: video and pictures of the moments everyone will be talking about tomorrow, and a complete winners list.

Streep Shuts Down Seacrest: "You Were Cheerleading" for Bullock

Matt Cherette · 03/07/10 07:50PM

Oh, snap! Moments ago on E!'s Live from the Red Carpet, Ryan Seacrest had a painfully awkward exchange with Meryl Streep. Asked by Seacrest what she thought of the Best Actress race, Streep commented, "You were cheerleading [for Sandra Bullock]."

Faces of America: One Big Happy Family

Daniel Barnum-Swett · 03/04/10 03:00PM

On Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s Faces of America, the nutty professor revealed to his celebrity panel the interrelation between them, going back innumerable generations and using extensive DNA testing to show the stars just how close they really are.

The Complete Guide to Winning Your Oscar Pool

Richard Lawson · 03/04/10 02:12PM

Hollywood's big gay Olympics are approaching, and the annoying "film buff" in your office is probably pestering you to enter his Oscar pool, which he's convinced he's going to win. We want you to beat the ittle nerd. Here's how!

The New Rules for Judging Oscar Fashion

Brian Moylan · 03/02/10 01:55PM

The Academy Awards have become more about the clothes and less about the awards themselves. Too bad all the ensembles are bland creations some stylist picked out. It's time to free ourselves from the tyranny of the Worst Dressed List!

The Claire Danes Guide to Winning Career Plaudits without Really Trying

Brian Moylan · 01/11/10 05:41PM

Claire Danes plays the I-will-win-an-award-if-I-play-a-person-with-disabilities card with her new role in the HBO movie Temple Grandin. It looks like another potentially embarrassing stop in a career full of misfires. Still, Danes is worth her weight in street cred. How?

Landing Streep

Brian Moylan · 10/22/09 03:49PM

[Meryl Streep is cleared for flight on the red carpet at the Julie & Julia premiere at the Rome Film Festival today. Image via Getty]

LiLo's Stumble; Salman's Regrets

cityfile · 10/20/09 06:30AM

• Lindsay Lohan is having another bad week. At the Whitney Museum of Art Gala last night, the "jelly-legged actress" had to hold on to a fence for "dear life" as she "stumbled out of the glitzy bash." But Mischa Barton was looking surprisingly put together, so that's good news, right? [Daily Mail, Sun]
• It's been a few years since Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi split up, but the author is still obsessed with his ex-wife and talks about her "day and night," says Rushdie's most recent girlfriend, Broadway actress Pia Glenn. She also says Rushdie broke things off with her via email and may have been just using her for sex. [P6]
• Ali Wise, the socialite/ex-Dolce & Gabbana publicist who appeared in court yesterday on charges she hacked into a rival's phone, won't have to mount her defense until January. But there are four women now claiming Wise broke into their voicemail accounts now, not just one. [NYDN]

How Miranda Priestly Saved Anna Wintour

Brian Moylan · 08/25/09 12:47PM

We thought the Late Show portion of Anna Wintour's Make-People-Like-Me-Before-My-Contract-Is-Up Tour 2009 would be a disaster. Until Letterman asked about The Devil Wears Prada. Then we knew she was safe, because she could never come off worse than Miranda Priestly.