Cute 7-Year-Old Kid Secretly Tapes Santa Delivering Presents

Jay Hathaway · 12/26/14 04:50PM

Evan, age 7, didn't think his plan to catch Santa on video would work—the North Pole is quite magically and technologically advanced, after all—but he convinced his big brother to set up a GoPro and went for it anyway.

Christmas Is a Wonderful, Secular Holiday

Rich Juzwiak · 12/18/14 12:00PM

Even when I was a believer, God had virtually no place in my Christmas. Each December 25, I suffered through Catholic mass, feeling each second crawl by. I had things to do, presents to open, Christmas movies to rewatch, sisters to fight with, extended family to see, food to eat and eat and eat. I might have considered the Catholic implications of the holiday while in church, but only in the way that you consider the car in front of you that's moving too slowly.

Happy Holidays from These Penn Frat Bros and Their Black Blow-Up Doll

Allie Jones · 12/16/14 12:55PM

The bros of Phi Delta Theta at the esteemed University of Pennsylvania are in some shit after posting a Christmas card featuring their cheery faces and a black blow-up sex doll on Facebook. The doll (in the upper left corner) was meant to resemble Beyoncé, according to Phi Delt.

Max Read · 12/24/13 01:00PM

Salvation Army Bell Ringer Assaulted for Saying 'Happy Holidays'

Neetzan Zimmerman · 12/17/13 10:05AM

It seems some of the Christian soldiers fighting for God in the Holy War on Christmas have decided to treat the ongoing faux-troversy like an actual war and assault those who dare to be a bit more inclusive in their holiday greetings.

All These People Got Arrested on Christmas Eve

Jordan Sargent · 12/25/12 12:57PM

Christmas Eve is a time to be spent in the company of your loving family — unless like me, for instance, you're a Jew who lives halfway across the country and instead went to see "Lincoln" alone (wow, was that movie long!). Or if, say, you spent Christmas Eve in prison like all of these people.

Gather 'Round Ye Gawker Yule Log

Max Read · 12/24/10 05:00PM

We've got some punch to drink and cookies to eat, so we're signing off now—though we'll be back tomorrow! Until then, we invite you to gather 'round our very own Yule Log and bask in its warm glow.

Presenting The Gawker Internet Yule Log™

Adrian Chen · 12/24/09 04:27PM

From 1966-1989, New York's WPIX broadcast footage of a Yule log burning in a fireplace each Christmas day. Today, a bunch of channels do the same. Now, Gawker is taking the Yule log into the Internet Age. Behold!

I.D. Magazine Folding

John Cook · 12/15/09 03:11PM

According to Fast Company, F+W Media is shuttering I.D., the venerable design magazine. There's a sad logic to it, since half of I.D.'s readership consisted of magazine art directors, most of whom have been laid off.

Elle Castigates Their Lazy Interns

Joshua Stein · 12/21/07 03:25PM

You might think interning under a coal-hearted Elle editor would be totally fun—long days discussing the Hills really loudly in the office and verbally abusing "freelancer Caragh"! But you'd be so so wrong. Three weeks ago interns received an acerbic 5-point 710-word missive, sent from a BlackBerry! Look guys, Elle's Accessories editor Nina Sterghiou is a "big fan of rewarding people for good work, and giving them more responsibility + interesting tasks, but so far no one has proven themselves capable of handling the basics." And also, Merry Christmas, bitches!

'Times' Rescinds Buyout Packages For Six Laid-Off Employees

Maggie · 12/20/07 05:10PM

We're hearing that the New York Times has changed its mind about giving buyout packages to six of the employees eliminated in newsroom layoffs announced last month. Instead of a package that would have included benefits for a time, they'll walk away with severance packages, which don't include benefits. A source tells us that the severance packages are worth about a third less than the buyouts originally promised. In November, the Times announced it would cut a dozen newsroom positions and "a number" of clerical administrative jobs.