Bret Michaels Keeps Truckin' Despite Health Problems

Michelle Cacciatore · 05/24/10 02:25PM

After watching Rock of Love, one might have not thought more of Michaels than being a promiscuous rocker. However when interviewed by Meredith Vieira this morning, it's hard not to feel inspired by his amazing attitude and brave perseverance.

Today Gives Women Tips on How to Fake a Knowledge of Football

Robyn Caplan · 02/05/10 12:40PM

Betsy Burns, author of The Female Fan's Guide to Football, came on to discuss "the basics" for poor, confused ladies who want to seem "with it" during Sunday's Super Bowl.

Amongst her tips were knowing the colors of the teams, and "lingo" you can use to make the menfolk believe you care about the game. Don't worry though, she doesn't expect women to be able to understand a point spread.

Meredith Vieira Has a Thorn in Her Butt

Vanessa Prat · 02/03/10 01:01PM

While discussing Matt's interview with Michelle Obama on "Roses and Thorns," Matt asks Meredith where her thorn is. We assume she thought her mic was off when she replied right before commercial break, "in my butt."

Meredith Vieira has Tit Envy

Mike Byhoff · 01/07/10 01:02PM

On Today, "the gang" were discussing the Gerard Butler photos. More like Gerard Gutler, am I right!? Anyway, there's an awful double-standard for men and women in Hollywood, but Meredith puts a positive spin on things! Kinda!

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 12/30/09 07:01AM

Meredith Vieira and Matt Lauer share more than a studio at Rockefeller Center—they're both celebrating their birthdays today, too. (She's turning 56; he's 52.) Embattled nightlife entrepreneur Amy Sacco is 42. Fox News' Sean Hannity is turning 48. LeBron James is 25. Allen Grubman, the mega entertainment lawyer and father of Lizzie, turns 67 today. Patti Smith is 63. Comedian Tracey Ullman is 50. WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer is turning 61. Movie director Bennett Miller is 43. Norman Goodman, the city's county clerk and the man responsible for sending you those jury summonses on a regular basis, is 86. Actress Eliza Dushku is turning 29. R&B singer Tyrese is 31. Former madam Heidi Fleiss is turning 44. And a golfer by the name of Tiger Woods is celebrating his 34th birthday today.