Eat Like the Stars: A Course-by-Course Golden Globes Menu Analysis

Caity Weaver · 01/04/13 06:44PM

The best thing about Golden Globes night is that it provides dinner to a roomful of stars who otherwise could not afford to feed themselves. The celebs sit smushed elbow-to-elbow at round dinner tables and the International Ballroom of the Beverly Hilton looks like an Olive Garden the ad sales department has rented out for its 2003 F-ad-bulous Employee Recognition Dinner. Also everyone gets wasted, which is great for .gifs.

Your Ultimate Oscar Party Menu

Richard Lawson · 02/22/11 03:59PM

The Oscars are on Sunday and today is Tuesday, meaning you need to start planning your menu for the party. Luckily we're here to give you some ideas for the perfect awards show feast, all based on this year's nominees!

Pope Birthday Cheese Selection Revealed!

Hamilton Nolan · 04/23/08 03:25PM

A restaurant owner in DC writes an essay about the experience of hosting the Pope's birthday party. He started planing the event six months in advance. He ordered a 12 square-foot cake in the shape of St. Peter's Square that was too beautiful to cut. He even flew to Italy just to get the plates made! The lunch menu included imported Puglia mozzarella, zucchini blossom truffle tagliolini, braised veal cheeks, and orange fallen truffle. Not mentioned: the tip. [WP]

Never Too Much Quiche In the 'Times' Cafeteria

Joshua Stein · 10/03/07 10:20AM

Dear Timesperson: Do you feel a little meh? Slightly gassy? A bit eggy? It may be your work diet! The New York Times cafeteria menu, we notice, features four kind of quiche four out of five days. Sure there's other choices, but that's a heckuva lot of quiche and perhaps too much. Only on Friday does the quiche station become pizza party central, but that pizza? It's more laden with dairy than Maggie Gyllenhaal! "Roasted peppers and goat cheese pizza?" What's a lactose-intolerant reporter to do? Also, at the "Chef's Table," the only thing listed for the whole week is Scallops with Cream and Basil—prepared, it seems, by the Times Food section. Times are tight, we know, but that's so degrading and plus, who wants to see restaurant critic Frank Bruni in a hairnet ?