The Death and Short Life of Samuel Harrell

Kali Tambreé · 09/19/15 12:00PM

“There are a few things that people don’t know about my brother Samuel Harrell. He wasn’t just an inmate,” Cerissa Harrell tells a group of nearly 50 prepared to blockade the Dutchess County District Attorney’s office on Poughkeepsie’s very public Main Street. Cerissa stands with Diane Harrell, Samuel’s widow. Hands intertwined, Cerissa continues, “Sam’s life was stolen from him. He was only 30 years old. He had so much more life to live.”

John McAfee Arrested While Armed and High as Hell on Xanax

Sam Biddle · 08/07/15 09:27AM

John McAfee, an entrepreneur once associated with antivirus software and now associated with drugs and tropical murder accusations, is back in the news for illicit reasons. Police in his new home of Tennessee just busted McAfee for DUI and gun possession.

Anything to Avoid the Pain

Imani J. Walker · 01/31/15 03:20PM

Late last year my cousin went missing. For weeks he was simply just gone. His cell phone was off and any attempt at tracking him was futile. If there were ever a time that I wanted Liam Neeson's character in Taken to be real, this was it.

Men Just as Depressed as Women, Everyone Depressed

Hamilton Nolan · 08/29/13 08:29AM

If women are so much more likely than men to be "depressed," then how come men are always getting in fights and killing people and killing themselves and hollering, more than women? Spoiler: it's because men, too, are depressed.

Study: Military Suicides Not Correlated With Military Deployment

Hamilton Nolan · 08/07/13 09:35AM

Ever since the beginning of the "War on Terror" and its associated actual wars, suicides among members of the U.S. military have been rising. Suicide is now the leading cause of death for soldiers; among veterans, it's just as bad. But a new study says that military deployments are not the cause.

Hamilton Nolan · 06/17/13 04:27PM

The petty fights your children have with one another are actually screwing up their mental health for life, and it's all your fault.

Psychiatric Hospital Just Sending Patients Away on Greyhounds Now

Gabrielle Bluestone · 04/28/13 05:00PM

A psychiatric hospital in Nevada is under investigation for allegedly busing more than 1,500 patients out of the state over the last five years. Patients discharged from the Rawson-Neal Hospital were routinely sent away on Greyhound buses to every state in the US with no supervision, advance notice, or future treatment plans.

Study Reveals Why People Who Grew Up in Cities Are Crazy

Hamilton Nolan · 06/24/11 04:55PM

Everyone has always known that living in a bustling metropolis like New York City will make you a psycho, fast. That's why everyone with the means gets the fuck out as soon as they have kids. They'd feel guilty if they didn't even give the kids a chance to be normal, for a while.

If You're Unemployed, Taking a Bad Job Will Make Your Life Worse

Remy Stern · 03/14/11 09:31PM

It's pretty common knowledge by now that the jobless are more prone to depression and anxiety than their employed counterparts. To make matters worse, a new study suggests that crappy, unfulfilling jobs are even more harmful to mental health than unemployment.