George W. Bush Is the Father of the Year

Tom Scocca · 06/21/15 02:35PM

On the morning of the Father of the Year Awards Luncheon, I ran out of bread enough to even make cinnamon toast for my children, and I ended up serving them some Chocolate Chex and the last apple in the house. Not that I was going there to win Father of the Year. I was merely going to watch.

Writer's $600 Sneakers Render Him Incapable of Relating to Loved Ones

Andy Cush · 11/26/14 03:35PM

Every November, media types, ourselves included, trot out the trope that spending time with family during Thanksgiving is necessarily a difficult thing. Your sister is hateful, your uncles are racist, your nana's candied yams are a brutal, sunset-hued chore to be endured. Today, we meet the saddest victim of these holiday communication breakdowns: a poor soul whose excellent taste in footwear left him unable to bond with the people he cherished most.

What's So Bad About the Mankini?

Brian Moylan · 11/30/10 05:44PM

According to at least one fashion blogger the Mankini—that strange hybrid men's bathing suit—is here to stay. Why is this idea patently ridiculous? Could this be just the thing that a new generation of men needs?