A Miseducation in Memphis 

Marco Pavé · 10/24/15 01:10PM

I was born in North Memphis, right before the Sears Crosstown closed. My upbringing was marked by two decades of declining employment opportunities and home ownership. It was also marked by scenes of violence that I cannot forget—scenes that pushed me to pursue my dream at all costs.

Hudson Hongo · 08/03/15 07:00PM

Tremaine Wilbourn, the man accused of killing a Memphis police officer on Saturday, has surrendered to authorities, the AP reports. “I think he felt the walls closing in and thought it would be in his best interest to turn himself in,” said Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong.

America's Ugliest Accent: Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Philly

Dayna Evans · 10/01/14 12:05PM

It's that time again: voting in round one of America's Ugliest Accent Tournament is about to begin. We can now give you the results of our prior days' matchups, which may serve to inform where your loyalties lie in today's rounds of voting. Nevertheless, please remember that city pride is important when it comes to nominating the ugliest garbage-sounding mealymouth in America. Stay true to your school.

"It's So Depressing, Race": Willis Earl Beale & Tim Sutton on Memphis

Rich Juzwiak · 09/05/14 12:05PM

Willis Earl Beale wore a Zorro-esque mask, probably the one you see in the picture above, throughout my discussion with him and director Tim Sutton (Pavilion) about their movie Memphis earlier this week. "Identity," he said, when I inquired about it. "We all wear masks anyway. It's a part of my whole thing." In other words: just go with it.

These Are America's Filthiest Cities

Brian Moylan · 06/13/11 02:26PM

When I clicked on Travel + Leisure's list of the America's Dirtiest Cities, I was hoping it would be ranked by which one had the most porn theaters. Instead, the magazine was referring to the places that are physically the dirtiest. The answer to that, well, it's not that surprising.

How Much Is a Tony Award Worth, Exactly?

Brian Moylan · 06/09/11 04:05PM

Those mathematicians at the New York Times got out their abacuses (abaci?) and figured out just how much a Tony win is worth for a Broadway musical. You'd think that the least watched of all awards shows wouldn't make a huge impact—-and you would be wrong.

Barack Obama Drops His Phone: A 3-Part Odyssey

Maureen O'Connor · 05/16/11 03:57PM

Arriving in Memphis to give a commencement address today, the leader of the free world dropped his Blackberry. Then he picked it up again. No casualties reported, other than the poor sap at The Daily Mail forced to squeeze a 500-word article out of it. [Daily Mail, images via Getty, AP]

Amy Winehouse's Dad Thinks Her Knockers Are Great

Maureen O'Connor · 10/22/09 05:20AM

Mitch Winehouse thinks Amy's rack was worth the rumored $56,000 cost of silicone. Salman Rushdie scores another PYT. Obama Girl is mauled by a light fixture at that one ubiquitous press junket in Jamaica. Welcome to Thursday's gossip!

Newspaper Really, Really Didn't Mean to Offend Gun Nuts

Hamilton Nolan · 02/16/09 05:23PM

The Memphis Commercial-Appeal posted on its website a publicly available list of citizens who have concealed weapons permits. Did this cause gun nuts to go crazy, terrifying the newspaper's editors? You bet!