Times Six: Why True Justice Won't Come Without Sacrifice

Kiese Laymon and Mychal Denzel Smith · 01/10/15 12:45PM

"Art has to be a kind of confession," James Baldwin said, fifty-four years ago. "If you can examine and face your life, you can discover the terms with which you are connected to other lives, and they can discover them, too." Baldwin, more than any other American writer, showed us how every sentence contained the possibility of discovery for both writer and reader. Over the course of the ensuing months, I'm going to ask some of the country's most incredible creators to let readers into the crevices of how they do the work of facing and discovering life. Every creator will be asked the same six questions.

Woman's Amnesia Is No Match for Paris Hilton's Omnipotent Face

Lauri Apple · 11/10/11 06:47AM

Canadian researchers have been studying a 22-year-old woman and lifelong amnesiac who can't remember the faces of anyone unfamiliar or non-famous. Show her a photo of baby-voiced celebutante Paris Hilton, however, and she has almost no trouble identifying who it is. Paris Hilton's face will not be stopped.

Rick Perry: 'I Stepped In It'

Seth Abramovitch · 11/10/11 02:46AM

Whoever you are tonight, and whatever it is you're doing, just be glad you're not Rick Perry, whose 53-second fumble has become an instant master class in how not to intimidate your political foes in front of a live, national audience. Do you think he knows he screwed up? Yeah. He knows.

Want to Memorize Something? Take a Nap

Max Read · 01/24/11 03:03AM

German researchers have published a study claiming that quick naps can help the brain process and retain information. Not that you need an excuse to fall asleep at your desk every afternoon.

Science Says Smoke Skunk Weed If You Want to Forget

Adrian Chen · 10/01/10 04:09PM

A new study from the UK shows that only users of potent "skunk" weed experienced short-term memory loss while high. Hash or herbal pot had no affect on memory due to prevalence of the chemical cannabidol, which mitigates THC's effects.

Smoking: Good for You, Except for Your Lungs

Max Read · 05/09/10 07:42PM

Smoking cigarettes may improve your memory, fine motor skills, alertness, and, obviously, looking-cool-ness. They will also give you cancer and make all your food taste like charcoal briquettes. But, again: You will improve your memory, and look totally cool. [Discovery]

Misty Waterboarded Memories of the Way We Were

John Cook · 09/22/09 02:45PM

What's the best way to make a suspected terrorist forget all the crucial details that we need access to in order to thwart the terrorist plot we suspect him of being involved in? Why, torture him. Naturally.

Kurt Eichenwald Has A Pretty Valid Reason For Not Remembering Anything

Pareene · 10/19/07 09:35AM

Our story so far: Kurt Eichenwald wrote some stories for the Times a while back (then he left the paper and went to Portfolio then left that mag!) about all the pedophiles on the internet and their multi-zillion-dollar-a-year business selling child porn and exploiting kids. And, well, beyond feeding the current "your children are at risk!" hysteria, some of his methods were kinda creepy and weird? Like donating money to his source before he was a source (a pornographer that he helped "free" from the kid's own porn ring) than he revealed to the Times, and, uh, also signing up for "an illegal porn website as a member and administrator." When asked why he didn't disclose any of this, he claimed to not remember the PayPal payments. Sketchy! Except that Kurt's finally going on NPR today to make everything about this story even more uncomfortable and terrible. Because his epilepsy has become so severe that, "according to his neurologist, he suffers from 'significant memory disruptions.'"