What Was Your Favorite Jeb! Moment?

J.K. Trotter · 02/20/16 11:06PM

As you may have heard, Jeb Bush’s campaign is no more. That doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about our favorite moments, on and off the campaign trail, from the past eight months. Can you even believe it’s been that long? Anyway: You can discuss your favorite Jeb! moments in the comments below. It’s (probably) the healthiest way to grieve dead political campaigns.

Shirley Temple's Fantastic Grim Life of Sexual Derangement and Pizazz!

Caity Weaver · 02/11/14 02:45PM

There are three ingredients needed to make a perfect obituary: a peculiar life, an anticipated death (hence: ample time to write the thing), and at least one story about tap dancing. So you knew going in that the New York Times obituary of Shirley Temple Black, who many people were sad to learn had died Monday night (but also, briefly, happy and surprised to learn had been alive up to that point), was going to be sensational.

Bush Says His 9/11 Reaction was Meant to 'Project Calm'

Jeff Neumann · 07/29/11 05:33AM

When White House chief of staff Andy Card told President Bush about the September 11th attacks in a Florida elementary school classroom, many people thought he just looked confused and perhaps a little stupid. Wrong! Bush told the National Geographic Channel in an interview that's going to be endlessly dissected by Truthers during "Remembering 9/11" week that he "didn't want to rattle the kids" by standing up and doing his job, and that he'd "been in enough crises to know that the first thing a leader has to do is to project calm." So that's what he did. He collected his thoughts, spaced out for a bit, and projected confusion calm.

A Week of Cooking Meth Can Make You Crazy

Jeff Neumann · 07/18/11 12:57AM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to cook meth with an armed Hells Angel named California Sack? Let this ex-con and former Aryan Brother, who once made $4 million in a year cooking and selling ice, explain:

The Ten Worst Prom Stories We've Ever Heard

Remy Stern · 06/10/11 05:27PM

When we asked for your awful prom stories, we expected to hear about drunken nights, stolen purses and dress mishaps. We didn't expect tales of dead animals, kicking your date in the balls, or getting handcuffed by state troopers. [Jezebel]

Tell Us Your Awful Prom Stories

Remy Stern · 06/03/11 04:23PM

As May ends and June begins, 'tis the season for American teenagers to get all dolled up and attend the final school dance before college. Prom. A magical night… that can turn into a nightmare. So what was yours? [Jezebel]

Relive the Moment Arnold and Maria Fell In Love

Seth Abramovitch · 05/15/11 08:39PM

Here's one of the scattered pictures of the smiles Arnold Scharzenegger and Maria Shriver are in the process of leaving behind. It was sent to us by photographer Brad Elterman, who snapped the couple back in 1977 at a Las Vegas charity softball tournament hosted by Kenny Rogers. As Elterman recalls, "He was totally cool and loved the attention of my camera, but Maria made a hissy fit about having her photo taken."

'Adult Prom' Fad Sweeps America's Most Boring Towns

Hamilton Nolan · 05/12/11 11:16AM

Are you a 20-something who often reminisces wistfully on your high school prom, the most magical night of your life? The time when you felt beautiful, before the marriage and the kids and the end of discretionary "fun" activities, at age 23? Because you like your kids, I mean, you love them, of course, as well as the part-time job at the Dress Barn, and hubby Rick is really the apple of your eye, always will be, even if he's gained a few pounds since high school, but back then on prom night there was just this sense of, what, is "possibility" the word you're looking for? Yes, well. Never mind. Dreams really do come true.

Your Favorite Friendster Memories

Adrian Chen · 04/27/11 01:24PM

Yesterday, we asked for your favorite Friendster memories now that the social network will basically be killed off at the end of May. And here they are! Harrowing, funny online tales from the turn-of-the-century.

Barack Obama's Indonesian Tranny Nanny

John Cook · 11/09/10 12:03PM

Barack Obama's trip to his ancient Muslim homeland of Indonesia is splashing all sorts of tender boyhood memories across the newspapers, like his gay male nanny who later became a transvestite volleyball player. Glenn Beck just came in his pants.

Scream 4: The Scariest Thing Is How Old We All Are

Richard Lawson · 10/21/10 11:41AM

Here's a teaser trailer for Scream 4, a continuation of the slasher saga that began fourteen long years ago. We're back in Woodsboro and, in addition to the surviving regulars, we're saddled with a whole new cast of youngsters.

Keith Richards: 'Unbearable' Mick Jagger Is Not So Well Hung

Jeff Neumann · 10/15/10 06:54AM

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards somehow mustered enough brain cells to recall his past for a new tell-all book, Life. In it, Richards reveals Mick Jagger's anatomical secrets and says he thought Johnny Depp was his son's drug dealer.