Fuck Our National Monuments

Hamilton Nolan · 10/15/13 03:59PM

No aspect of the U.S. government shutdown has garnered more public attention or drawn more outrage than the closing of national monuments. State governments and private donors have kicked in funds to keep monuments open. Here is a more nuanced perspective: fuck the fucking national monuments.

Popeyes Founder's Kin Seek Elegant Memorial Statue Involving Speedboat

Caity Weaver · 04/30/13 04:25PM

At long last, a little chicken-fried class may be coming to roost in the New Orleans metropolitan area. Some descendants of Popeyes Chicken founder Al Copeland are hoping to commission a tasteful memorial statue of their patriarch in a local park in Metairie, Louisiana. That's "tasteful" not as in "The national World War II memorial is understated and tasteful," but as in "Mmm, this Popeyes Bonafide® fried chicken sure is taste-ful and also featured in this garish memorial statue."

Tom Scocca · 04/04/13 03:06PM

"Sir, Mr. Ebert, this is Will Leitch, an editor at the Daily Illini." How Roger Ebert put up with one young writer.

Crowds Flock to Apple Stores to Pay Respect to Steve Jobs

Ryan Tate · 10/06/11 01:06AM

In New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and elsewhere, Apple fans have been gathering and leaving spontaneous tributes to Steve Jobs at Apple Stores throughout the night. People have left flowers, signs, Post-it notes, and even writing right on the glass walls. Here are a few of the images circulating on Twitter and elsewhere.

America Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy With Awkward, Ugly Rock

John Cook · 08/22/11 03:31PM

Forty-three years after his assassination, Martin Luther King, Jr., has taken his place on the National Mall: the MLK Memorial in Washington, D.C., was unveiled to the press today, in advance of its official dedication next week. It captures the great civil rights martyr just as he was in life: Trapped in a big white rock, like Han Solo frozen in carbonite, with some other rocks piled up behind him.

Ballpark Erecting Statue to Fan Who Fell From Stands

Seth Abramovitch · 08/16/11 01:55AM

The most tragic American image of 2011 will undoubtedly be that of 6-year-old Cooper Stone, looking down from the stands at his father, 39-year-old firefighter Shannon Stone, who had fallen to his death trying to catch his son a baseball at a Texas Rangers game. Now the two will be immortalized in bronze, in a memorial set to be installed next season outside the park's home plate gate. It's meant to be both a remembrance of Stone and a tribute to all of the game's fans — but man, that's going to be one seriously solemn statue. [AP, photo via NGottwald's Flickr]

Million-Dollar Reagan Statue Unveiled in London

Seth Abramovitch · 07/05/11 12:12AM

Londoners have a 10-foot-tall sculpture of Ronald Reagan to call their own. Unveiled at its permanent home outside the American Embassy, the statue was constructed at a cost of $1 million, paid for by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation "as part of a worldwide effort to promote his legacy" in this, the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Princeton Alumni Send Tackiest Memorial Service Invitation Ever

Maureen O'Connor · 05/23/11 04:39PM

This weekend, Princeton's class of 2006 celebrates its five-year reunion with a standard-issue bacchanal. This year's theme: "'06 Feet Under." Cute, right? Except when they announce the '06 reunion memorial service, which now looks like it is being introduced with a wacky pun.

Obama Lays a Wreath at Ground Zero

Jim Newell · 05/05/11 12:53PM

Here's President Obama's relatively subdued appearance at Ground Zero, where he laid a wreath to honor the victims of 9/11 and then chatted up a nice police officer. No soaring speeches today, it seems. Before the ceremony he stopped at a local firehouse, and now he's meeting privately with 9/11 victims' families.

Will Liz Taylor Get a Street Named For Her?

Seth Abramovitch · 03/31/11 12:05AM

Requests are pouring in to West Hollywood City Hall to have a street named for Liz Taylor. How they'll fit "Elizabeth Taylor Hilton Wilding Todd Fisher Burton Burton Warner Fortensky Ave." on a street sign is their problem.

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Jeff Neumann · 01/20/11 08:05AM

[Paul the Psychic Octopus, who correctly predicted World Cup match winners, was honored today at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany with this monument. Paul died in October. Image via AP]

John Boehner Isn't That Evil

Jim Newell · 01/13/11 02:21PM

Where was Speaker John Boehner last night? He wasn't at the president's memorial service in Tucson. And breathless reports are claiming he wanted to hobnob at an RNC cocktail party instead. That monster! But maybe there's more to it.