Memorial Day's Real Heroes Are These Loser Tea Party Candidates

Ken Layne · 05/26/14 10:00AM

Aerial drones and roving robots have taken over the work of America's fighting forces. The remaining humans in the military are mostly concerned with Wiccan worship, transgender issues, and health care controversies at the Veteran's Administration. Maybe it's time to start honoring some real heroes on Memorial Day: the Tea Party candidates who lost their primaries to "RINO" Republican incumbents.

The Longest Day: How to Spend Your Memorial Day Weekend on Netflix

Louis Peitzman · 05/27/12 02:52PM

For many of us, Memorial Day means two things: sleeping in and not getting mail. But in the spirit of commemorating fallen soldiers, wouldn't it be appropriate to watch some heavy war films and remember the sacrifices made by our troops? Plus, with endless streaming movie options, you don't even have to leave the house to do it.

KKK Counter-Protests 'God Hates Fags' Church

Max Read · 05/30/11 10:49PM

Members of the delightfully quirky Westboro Baptist Church showed up at Arlington Cemetery on Memorial Day just to remind everyone, through the use of excessive signage, that God loves dead soldiers. But luckily for people who were hoped to visit the cemetery without encountering hateful bigotry, brave members of the Ku Klux Klan showed up to counter-protest.

Gawker: Live, From Vegas!

Foster Kamer · 05/23/09 01:15PM

Nick Denton's media empire has its feet in sandboxes everywhere: New York. Detroit. L.A. Silicon Valley. And now, for the first time, Gawker's broadcasting from Las Vegas for the weekend. Giddyup.

Happy Memorial Day

Gabriel Snyder · 05/22/09 02:51PM

A programming note: No, we're not going all Condé Nast with summer Fridays (memo for next week: is Condé still getting summer Fridays?) but because of the holiday, we're cutting today short. Foster and T.A.N. will be around this weekend and then the site's going dark on Monday. Happy weekend.

Andrew and Daniel Recharge the Batteries

cityfile · 05/22/09 09:11AM

What do party fixtures Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict have planned this weekend? Glad you asked! "Memorial Day weekend we divide our time between the South of France for the fin of the Cannes Film Festival and the fin of an all-American East Hampton holiday weekend. While I'd like to say we will be going to an endless array of barbecues, clambakes and Summer kick-off parties, we're more likely to be asleep on the beach nursing our exhaustion from eleven consecutive 3 a.m. nights of rosé and Bellini-soaked parties and trop de Croisette carrousing." [FWD]

Memorial Day Sales Are Upon Us

cityfile · 05/21/09 07:34PM

• Don't feel too bad if you're staying in the city for the long weekend. Take advantage of the big Memorial Day sales instead. [NYDN]
• Burberry's new Madison Avenue HQ opens on May 28; the building's sign will get switched on then, too. [Hint]
• Today in C-list celebrity fashion news: Alyssa Milano has debuted a baseball-inspired collection; and Heidi Montag is releasing a line of bikinis. [SW, SW]

What Did You Do This Memorial Day?

Sheila · 05/27/08 10:36AM

Some of us went to Coney Island or upstate. Others went to the Hamptons! And some—well, one—of us toted our pet boa constrictor over to Central Park while chatting on the cell phone. But other than that—lookin' good, dude. Call me when you get rid of the weird pet! [Photo: Istolethetv's Flickr]

One More Thing: The Sounds of Summer

ian spiegelman · 05/24/08 04:42PM

Summer at last! So what songs does this glorious time of year bring to mind? You know, music appropriate for beach parties, pool parties, long drives in convertibles, non-ironic rooftop barbecues, or just fooling around with some cutie under the cool comforting whir of your trusty air conditioner? My video pick's after the jump. What's yours?