Hamilton Nolan · 12/09/13 01:07PM

A gold medal won by sprinter Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics—a symbolic victory in the heart of Nazi Germany—has been bought by hard-partying billionaire Clinton pal Ron Burkle. What a, uh, fitting steward of this proud legacy.

You Can Buy Bruce Lee's Old Workout Crap Right Now

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/13 10:43AM

Right this very minute, you can navigate to a website and place a bid for a chance to own an authentic old jumprope or dirty pair of sneakers or even a punching bag, punched by the actual fists of Bruce Lee.

Never Forget All the Tacky 9/11 Memorabilia

Brian Moylan · 09/08/11 02:26PM

In the excellent New York magazine 9/11 issue, Mark Lilla says, "The tragedy will be mourned, then trivialized, then commercialized, and then amnesia will set in." There are some tchotchkes that mourn, trivialize, and commercialize that tragedy all at once. Here is the tackiest 9/11 related crap we could find.

Is This Madonna's Diary?

Maureen O'Connor · 04/29/10 05:41PM

An eBay seller claims to be selling a corpus of material that used to belong to Melissa Crowe, Madonna's personal assistant "from years 1987-1996." If it's real, it's a memorabilia treasure trove. Selections from the multimillion-dollar listings below.

Michael Jackson's DNA-Laden Underpants An EBay Exclusive

Seth Abramovitch · 09/09/08 12:10PM

"Boys pants, half-off." That's the punchline to one of our favorite Michael Jackson jokes. ("Why did Jackson go to Wal-Mart?") But now you really can own a pair of Jackson's underpants, via the creepiest eBay auction since Courtney Love's Papsmearpalooza For Charity. From Page Six:

Owen Thomas · 07/20/07 12:13PM

Two Reddit founders are auctioning the Apple PowerBooks on which they programmed the social-news website. All proceeds are going to charity. [eBay]

A Look Inside '229'

doree · 04/25/07 04:33PM

229 is here! And as a service to those of you not working inside the furrowed cubicles of West 43rd Street, we've selected some highlights from the self-published tabloid farewell to the building that New York Times men and women have called home for the last 94 years. Like a scan of a Class B stock certificate! (Click to enlarge.) What else do we learn about the old building?