Canadian Woman Misses Boat by 5 Minutes, Throws Giant Canadian Tantrum

Jay Hathaway · 01/21/15 06:45PM

A woman's New Year's Eve was ruined when she narrowly missed the ferry to Vancouver and couldn't convince the station staff to let her board after the cutoff time. With her boat about to depart without her, she threw a tremendous, last-ditch temper tantrum that has rocked Canada's national sense of politeness and propriety to its core.

Insane JetBlue Pilot Ruled Insane, Found Not Guilty

Taylor Berman · 07/03/12 07:08PM

Last we heard from Clayton Osbon, the disturbed JetBlue pilot who attempted to take down his own plane while yelling probably reasonable things about al-Qaeda and Jesus, his wife was somewhat defending him, saying his actions were not "intentionally violent." Now, in not-so-surprising news, a judge has ruled the 49-year old legally insane and therefore not guilty of of interfering with a flight crew, charges which could have lead to 20 years in jail.

Remember when we were all laid off? Oh, right, you're 25

Owen Thomas · 10/28/08 05:00PM

Listen up, younguns: Here's how this recession is going to go. You're going to get laid off. You're going to find a new job right away, and convince yourself things aren't that bad. Then you're going to get laid off from that job, too. And all your friends are going to get laid off, too, and move out of California. It's time to revisit Odd Todd, the 2001-era dotcom layoff victim who chronicled his unemployment online. The downside: "You can't buy any ice cream, because you have no money, and you can't go shopping, because you have no money." The upside: "It beats frickin' working." Go watch it, and laugh now, before it stops being funny.


Alaska Miller · 09/30/08 06:40PM

Apparently there's a major financial meltdown of tech stocks happening that's going to crush the US economy. Or something. I don't know, I'm not daytrader, In fact, I only buy the stocks listed by default on my iPhone because I don't know how to add new symbols. But the issue is apparently important enough for Microsoft to weigh in. Well today's featured commenter, macbeach, has managed to notice a peculiar pattern:

Martha Stewart exec says we're all doomed

Nicholas Carlson · 09/22/08 05:00PM

NEW YORK — Yahoo's last great sales chief and current Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia co-CEO Wenda Harris Millard joined a panel today as part of this week's Advertising Week festivities here in New York. As the talk began, all was light and mirthful. Then MIllard responded to the moderator's question on whether the Wall Street meltdown would spread beyond New York and impact the consumers who fund the advertisers who fund Silicon Valley. Millard's answer: "It's going to be a very tough coming 18 months if not longer. And I'm not usually a pessimist. I see some pretty severe implications for small to medium sized businesses." Millard said "a lot of cash has dried up" and credit simply won't be available to "the average consumer."

Bank of America site down for seven hours

Jackson West · 09/22/08 04:40PM

Thinking about making a run on your bank from the privacy of your own home? If you're a Bank of America customer, good luck — the site has been down since 8 a.m. PST, and the problem has seems to have grown worse since it started. At first, users couldn't verify their "SiteKey" to access their accounts. The company then disabled online access and posted a note to the homepage, pictured. I couln't even access the homepage until just now, possibly because millions of customers are now desperately checking and re-checking the site to see when access is restored. Now that I can get in, it looks like I still have some money! So don't panic — I'm sure Bank of America, like the rest of America's financial services industry, has everything under control.