Joan and Melissa Rivers Discuss Their Biggest Fight Ever

Whitney Jefferson · 03/15/11 04:20PM

On today's Access Hollywood Live, Joan and Melissa shared tales of their "biggest fight ever." It also just so happens to air tonight on Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best's season finale. Who would have thought?

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/20/10 06:45AM

Director David Lynch turns 64 today. Rainn Wilson of The Office is turning 44. Comedian Bill Maher turns 54. Editor and TV pundit Fareed Zakaria is 46. Georgina Bloomberg, the younger of Mayor Bloomberg's two daughters, is turning 27. Embattled real estate developer Kent Swig is 49. Former astronaut Buzz Aldrin turns 80. Melissa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, is 42. Actor Skeet Ulrich is 40. James Denton of Desperate Housewives is turning 47. And Lorenzo Lamas celebrates his 52nd birthday today.

Happy Birthday

cityfile · 01/20/09 07:18AM

Barack isn't the only one with a reason to celebrate today. Georgina Bloomberg, the daughter of New York's mayor, turns 26. Real estate developer Kent Swig is 48. Newsweek editor and CNN fixture Fareed Zakaria is turning 45. Famed cardiologist Valentin Fuster is 66. The Office's Rainn Wilson is turning 43. Bill Maher is 53. Director David Lynch is 63. James Denton is turning 46. Lorenzo Lamas is 51. Buzz Aldrin is turning 79. And Melissa Rivers, the daughter of Joan Rivers, is 41 today.

Joan Rivers on Tom Hanks, Ricky Gervais, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 'Nazis'

Kyle Buchanan · 09/25/08 05:30PM

Bounced from E!, the TV Guide Channel, and even, times have been tough for red carpet commentators Joan and Melissa Rivers. For this week's Emmy ceremony, the two were reduced to vlogging for, though the deal came with one potential upside: their patter was supposed to receive a link from AOL. However, higher-ups at AOL changed their minds when they got a gander at the footage where Rivers calls some of Hollywood's most beloved stars (including Tom Hanks, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Heidi Klum) "Nazis." Said Rivers to Page Six:

Joan and Melissa Rivers Relegated To Podcasting Their Red Carpet Barbs

Molly Friedman · 02/26/08 05:48PM

Finding themselves without a red carpet home after their deal with TV Guide Network went south, Joan and Melissa Rivers are still pressing forward with their catty Oscar fashion quips on a site called And they're not letting their Siberian spot in cyberspace stop them from dishing out their trademark red carpet digs, which span the range from who "should be locked away" (Julie Christie) to who they believe spent "hours covered in leeches to get that pale" (Anne Hathaway). But that's not the half of it. After the jump, find out who Joan thinks looks like they were "gift-wrapped at Macy's" and who "ain't gonna score tonight."